Maan watched her got inside the water and as soon as she was in , there was no stopping for her, Her all friends started to splash water on her , she too gave them back.

He saw some group of boys ogling her like a crazy , he clinch his fist, if that was not enough for his burning heart then she herself put salt on it by her own acts.

Geet was busy in her own play with her crazy friends just like hers when she saw those boys.it was just by mistake but Lisa nudge her to tried one boy for the post of her boyfriend.

Geet , her eyes widen in shock hearing her, how could she think like that, she already have one ..she instantly stop realizing it , her hazel eyes again started to search him when again lisa nudge her .

Look at those hotties darling, I would have happily try, if it is not my Marriage at this week. Lisa pouted .

Don’t even think it or you want me to find someone sexy for myself ??

Rich came from behind fuming at her , jealous after hearing her.

You don’t ever ..!! Lisa warned him before pouncing on him.and there they goes again as both falls back in the water kissing each other madly.

Geet stood still gawking at the couple before, she gulp hard, her throat went dried just reminding about her and Maan.

Aditya came from behind holding her from her stomach , missing your man.?? He whispered in her ears taking her out of her Maan thoughts.

Nothing like that , she mutter wiping her eyes furiously , she didn’t get when tears wet her eyelashes.

You can’t hide your precious pearls behind that salty water. Saying so he picked her up suddenly making her gasp and soon her loud scream took everyone’s attention .

Aditya threw her inside the water , making her jump inside it. She tried swim but it was futile as long waves hit her and she was drowning , unable to swim for she don’t know how to.

Maan made a mad dash towards her , he pulled out his shirt baring his upper and jump inside the water quickly.

Hey..babe…come fast..come out now. Aditya shouted , everyone got busy in there own world unknown of the fact that Geet had been went little far from them with huge waves which took her far and she was unable to got out because of furious waves.

Adi..she tried to shout but in that process she gulp a huge water in her lungs making her cough badly.

She watched another wave coming her way, her eyes widen in horror as she was so in the middle now with water going up above her head. She was always afraid of this huge seas, it was always on shore she used to play but this today.

Even Aditya didn’t realized it. He watched her going at far , he panicked and jump inside to go towards her.

Maan saw her lifeless body floating in the water. He panic and hold her hand pulling her closer .

Geet..Baby.. he patted her cheeks holding her securely in his arms.

Opened your eyes , baby..he again tried but she didn’t open , he swam furiously towards the other side of shore along with her fainted body.

Once reaching the shore, he placed her on the sand.

Geet..he again tried this time pressing her stomach , she cough a little bite water out if her mouth .

Baby. .. opened your eyes now. He was going crazy seeing her like that , finally loosing his control he slam his lips hard on her mouth sucking out the salty water from her mouth.

She cough out once he left her , he softly held her head seeing her opening her eyes.

In his happiness he again placed his mouth on her own to kissed her , Geet was shock with the events, it took her a while to realize it that what just happened.

Her heart delighted with the thought that he saved her like always but next moment it started to burn again in her own pain.

How dared he to kisses her ,when he thought that she is nothing to him.

She tried to pushed him with her fragile strength , but he was not willing to , when all of sudden geet felt him going away from her.

She looked at the person who had dare to do that act . It was adi who just punch Maan on his face furiously.

How dare you , B*****.

Aditya as soon as reaching there saw the scene and he was furious to see that one man was kissing his babe furiously and she was trying to pushed him .

He pulled him apart harshly but only to get the biggest shock seeing it’s non other than there trust able bodyguard. It increases his anger tenfold.

He was again going to beat him when Geet shouted stopping the fight . She saw both were in fight mood glaring each other furiously.


Adi looked at her only to see her furious , he was confused now.

Her heart pained to see his bruise lips.she forgot all other things and rushed towards him checking his lips.

She lost her temper seeing the blood marks on the corner of his lips.

HOW DARE YOU !!  And she just kissed Maan’s bruise lips softly trying to sooth his pain by licking his lips.

Both Boys stood shock with her move. Maan was on the cloud nine with her sweet gesture of love, that he couldn’t stop himself from putting his hands on her small waist as he pulled her more closer kissing her back passionately.

Geet kissed him back furiously before pulling out angrily throwing daggers at him.

It doesn’t lessen my anger on you , do you get that , Bodyguard !!

And she pushed him back turning furiously to face her best buddy who witness all this with his widen eyes.

Aditya was so shock , but then it didn’t took him time to know that he was the one , her BODYGUARD who was her boyfriend who is the one who had broken her heart so brutally , he felt himself burning in the lava just reminding her state in those days.

Come..let’s go. Geet hold Aditya’s wrist dragging him from there,  Aditya was not ready to leave from there ,  he just wanted to killed the man who is responsible for the sadness of his babe.

He continued to glared at his way so as Maan till both of them gone far from his sight .

Maan was burning like a lava , his fist clinch hard controlling his rage , his teeth gritted together in fury reminding the way how she drag him holding his wrist.

He just shout out loudly standing alone on the sea shore.




  1. Aww.. I loved it. Geet is missing maan seeing Lisa and rich. Poor geet. Loved how adi tried to lift her mood. But unfortunately it didn’t go well and she fell into tides. Good that maan saw it. He was soo concerned for geet. How dare adi to punch maan 😠😠😠. Though he deserves a punch. Loved it how kissed maan and then pushed him away saying that doesn’t mean she is not angry. Aww. Maan still can’t take geet taking adi with her even when she just kissed him in front of adi. Possessive much huh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you😊
      Yeah he deserves that punch.. offcourse who would bear to see Thier best friend in trouble ..he thought Maan was kissing her forcefully without her will…that’s why the punch was given to him by adi..


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