Maan crashed the screen hard throwing remote on it that it broke into pieces .
How could she thought something like that , how could she thought that he hates her ? His eyes were blood shot red reminding the scene he saw sometime ago.

He had arranged for hidden cameras in her room just to make sure she is fine and safe . It was his luck that Maya didn’t witness it nor she was known . He knew it’s not good idea to put those cameras without Geet’s will but he had no option left when she was angry with him.
But through all those days , that what she could make out of his behavior ? He was furious just getting those flashes of her and her so called friend. She could confront to him but not Her love. ? He thought ruefully.
But it was his whole fault , how she had to when he was the one who pushed her away , he almost raises his hand on her .
He felt anger rushing through his veins again that he hit his injured hands again on the broken screen this time screaming in immense pain that was in his heart.
She got up with a jerk sweating profusely , this time she was damn scared, her eyes roam all over her room searching someone but there was no one. She herself had asked her mumma to go to her own room so that she could sleep well. She knew her mumma had lot of work to look upon other than her that she too needs rest and being here with her means her own health could be neglected that thought she despised the most.
Suddenly lights went off and small scream erupt from her throat but before it reach through out her lips , she muffle it for she couldn’t woke up her mumma because of her small fears. Geet thought as silent tears rolled down from her corner of eyes.

Nahi .Geet..it’s just for a little time..lights will be on soon. There is no one in your room. It’s just dark.. you can sleep.
She tried to encourage herself , her whole body started to shiver again , with those flashes .
Soon her eyelids turn heavy still she couldn’t able to sleep thinking that if she closed her eyes that person will come and..
Her thoughts turn dizzy soon when she felt him sleeping beside her on the bed.
Her breaths turn normal, she left a sigh of breath and turn in his arms seeking the solace in his arms as she buried her face in his chest sticking him.

Maan chuckled caressing her cheek lovingly and cocooned her in his arms dearly. He felt peace , his all tortures were gone just taking her in his arms.
And soon his eyelids turn heavy making him drown into peaceful sleep beside her.


Next morning , Geet woke up with delighted mood , she felt fresh , alive yet again , she yawn lazily spreading her hands and sat up thinking of the beautiful dream she had yesterday. Yes, she thought it was her another dream just like she used to have before , Maan couldn’t come after what happened, her face expression turn sad reminding the incident . How she wished it never happened  , how she wished , he couldn’t have slapped her , and how she wished , she coukdn’t have fallen in love at the first place but Love is the thing ,can’t came with just our wished , it happens on its own accords, we never know.
I am not going sulk for him. I am not going to be sad for him , Geet gritted her teeth with her moisten eyes , in fact he should be regretting his actions . She spoke to herself and slip down from the bed .


Few days flies just like that , Geet recovered soon in the presence of  her mum and friends . They left no stone un turned to make her happy as they could able to see through her sadness , reason was still unknown apart from Aditya .
Maya tried to confront him about the same , knowing her daughter had must disclosed it to her best buddy . But Aditya was bounded by the promised of there friendship he couldn’t have opened his mouth.
Maya was furious though she couldn’t do much apart from seating quite now and wait for the right time.
She couldn’t have asked from her daughter knowing she would straight away denied her or even will try to hide the main reason. Knowing her daughter well enough, she could able to read her sadness , that little pain in her hazel eyes , she was trying to hide from everyone but not from her mother’s eyes.
She could guess it , might be her heart break but couldn’t muster the courage reasoning her health. Nisha had warned her , and prevent her for just now confronting her when she was not in a good health.
Maan was constantly trying to bring himself for asking her sorry but he couldn’t even able to faced her .
Geet was still sulking , not able to keep his thoughts away , finally she decided to just went to UK , for her friend’s wedding and Wedding means fun , she could enjoyed there.
Yaaee !! I would enjoy there , have fun with my friends !! She was getting excited just with the thought .

Bounce wit me, wit me, wit me wit me
Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, wit me wit me
Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ge gi gi gi gi gi
Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ye ye yeah

Uh-huh uh-huh bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Ya yah yah, ya ya yah yeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Ge gi, ge gi gi gi geyeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Get it!

She started the song and moved her hips crazily on the beats. Moving her all body crazily , her curls flied all over her face giving her hilarious look.

And she continues to pack her bag for going away on the tour.

He broke into fits of laugh seeing her on the screen , non the less he left astonished to see her packing her bags.

Where is she going ?  Do I forgetting something.? He tried hard to remember if Maya had told him something about her daughter’s plans but he couldn’t able to. As far as he knew , Geet was just at homed, all this while taking rest and now all of a sudden what is she planning ? He thought curiously , his heart beating historically just with the thought of her going away .beside that there might be still danger outside.

Geet on the other side tried her all ways to took permission from her mother but she was no where to budge.
For god’s sake , mumma , I am no more kid ! Geet blasted furiously on her overprotective mother who thought her still a kid and herself comes home taking tour of the world.
You are Geet ! Maya back fired at her glaring back. She couldn’t told her worry to her now , there is still danger outside with her elections also going to start soon.

Oh common mum, you can flied everywhere you want and why can’t I ?

Geet frown seeing anger today.

Because you never know to take care of yourself .

Maya blasted on her stubborn daughter.

Uff mumma , I can !! I promise you nothing will happen to me , I can take care of myself well. Geet soften a bit though still irritated with her mother’s constant denial.

That I had seen well in this week. Maya spoke thoughtfully gawking her daughter’s each expression.

Oh bas..aiweyyi ..Geet don’t know how to speak now. Her mother seem to know her fight with those boys at the hill. But how , little frown appear on her forehead ,then her tube light buzz making her fumed in anger. Her  gaze turn to searched him and she caught his sight.she glared at him dangerously.

You didn’t need to opened your damn mouth , BODYGUARD !!  She blasted on Maan seeing him standing there silently off course enjoying the show , she thought.

Maan was upset hearing her tone and seeing her anger on him.

Geet !! It’s his duty , for that what reason , he is here ! Maya warned her daughter for she is insulting him in front of her.

Then just throw him out ! Geet barked glaring at his blank face for he show no emotions but from inside he was burning like a lava hearing those insults for him.

GEET !!  He is here , only to protect you outside ! For your security .

Geet was mellow down with her mother’s outburst yet again on her that too in front of him , beside that there were few servants as well. She felt defeated and stood up with her hung shoulders and head downcast , tears sting to her corner of eyes but she didn’t let them roll down , before the onlookers , she just rushed out angrily to go to her only friend who can help her now out of this.
Her Bodyguard needs to teach some lessons for messing with The Geet Handa . She couldn’t forgive him nor let him go this time for the insults and suffering she had to go through just because of him.

to be continued ..

Will Maya give her Permission ?
Will Geet able to attend her Friends Marriage ?
Will Maan able to manofy his babydoll ?
Will Geet ever forgive her Bodyguard aka Boyfriend ?

So many questions , answers will be in future updates ..stay tune guys..😉


  1. Maan it’s wrong to stalk someone. U shouldn’t have done that. I seriously doubt it’s only for ur duty purpose. Maan is angry on geet sharing her problems with adi. He should blame himself for that. It’s only because he always pushed her away. Geet is very vulnerable. Poor geet. Loved how maan came to geet and slept taking her in his arms. She always thinks it’s a dream. Innocent geet. Loved how geet treated maan telling him her bodyguard. This is what he wanted right. Then y he is having a problem now.

    Liked by 1 person

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