It was next day , Geet was feeling better than previous day, her temperature has been average though.

Geet was in no mood though to climb down the bed feeling weak. She was surprised and happy finding her mum near to her all time. Maya had been there beside her all night , since her condition was worse than any day before. Her worry was not wrong as Geet was constantly waking up all nights , with her nightmares.

It was her heartbreak added more fuel to her condition. She was not ready to believe herself that Maan could do something like that . She was in no condition to think more on it , that couldn’t comprehend the solid reason behind his anger on her.

Whatever that might be but he have no right to hit her , no one had dare to raised there hands on Geet Handa. She felt anger rushing through her veins making her temperature raised to new level. She was shivering in anger , but more than that there was her pain for the only person she loved dearly after her mom , done that.

Geet came out of her thoughts , hearing some sound , and looked up to see her friends standing there.

Niks ran inside to met her best friend, it’s been long time they had met. But Geet instead of hugging her , she moved a little at side and spread her arms like a baby to only person she could now relay on.

Aditya rushed forward to take his babe in his arms. Both hugged each other so tight that left the onlookers actually jealous.

It’s not fare ?? Niks pouted keeping her both hands on her waist she glare at both of them.

There were Maan and Karan fumed in extreme rage to see the scene. Karan was almost ready to pounce on him when Geet broke out if the hug. She actually wanted to broke down in his arms ,which she always done but now couldn’t have in front of others. Something was just between both of them hidden .

Karan !!. Geet called out feeling  happy that he actually make it to her , as last time he was upset with her.

Maan was actually hiding behind not to come into her notice . He couldn’t have faced her after what he had done , he yet again looked at his palms in anger which were actually injured now .

Karan sigh in relief to see her breaking apart from adi. He went forward and hug her , the hug was different, different for him , for her, the feeling was different which Geet didn’t find right. She Wriggle out of his arms feeling uneasy , already her sickness make it worse.

How are you ? Asked Karan braking apart, not liking this separation.

Feeling better, but not in mood to step down even. geet replied meekly resting her head behind she closed her eyes feeling tired.

Maan sigh seeing her condition and left from there silently . Since today is holiday for him , he thought to do his own work .

What is it ,? Adi asked once finding both of them alone in her room.

Geet looked at him with her teary eyes, wanted to speak out all that , and he just asked her , how did he knew her so much. Seeing her silent going through her own emotional turmoil adi asked again knowing his friend.

Just spill it babe .!!

He hate me !! She replied meekly trying to control her tears , which actually spilled out from the corner of her eyes.

Aditya pulled her in his arms slowly holding her nape and she broke down just wanting that solace hugging him tight.

What have I done , that he hate me so much that he just hit me . Geet blabber out shocking him .

WHATT !!  Adi was shock to knew it , he was actually fuming in extreme rage . He was known to her secret one sided love but not knew the person. Geet had asked him some privacy and time to told him about her love. It was him only ,got to know about it himself .or else Geet had not told him on the first place but Aditya was the person who knew everything about her life from childhood , so how was she to leave him in darkness about this. Though she couldn’t told him the name of the person, she loves with her life or Aditya not knew who is the person.

He hate me adi !! How could he hate me so much. He pushed me away always , I accepted but this I couldn’t bear this much hatred for me Adi. She sobbed emptying her heart in front of her closed buddy.

In her current condition she couldn’t thought of any other reason of his anger than his hatred , she forgot his care, and his love which he had shown in past. It’s happen when we are not in a right condition of mind to think , we could see only one side of the coin .

Geet was in her weak condition of health couldn’t fathom his rude behaviour, she actually forgot the little care and loved he had shower on her. . it was his anger , pushing her away , all rejection that only could she remembers and see because that was what more prominent now in front of her eyes.

How dare he ??

Aditya’s hold tighten on her , he patted her head trying to make her calm. Geet couldn’t have spoke more as her sobs turn to hiccups now , he gave her the glass of water , she slips few sips and wiped her nose to his shirt like always making him groan at her behavior, she chuckle seeing his pouting lips.

You are worse of friend , he taunted making yuck face .

Geet laugh out seeing his face that actually make him happy.

You don’t dare to cry for that guy now ? Adi warned her cupping her face , he peck her forehead affectionately.

No ..I am not , Geet tried to sound normal but at the end her voice turned mean and she sob again.

BABES. He warned patting her shoulder.

I loved him. How dare he ?? Geet blabber in between her soft cries.

He dare ,babe ? Adi hug her again trying to sooth her pain, he couldn’t see her in this conditioned , just because of that boy.

Tell me , who is he ?? I will teach him lesson of lifetime.

Geet cried silently again wiping her nose on his shirt .

Babe..it’s enough. I have to go now with my bare body. He chided her seeing her behavior.

Chi… Geet pushed him behind coming out of his arms just then Maya came inside seeing her daughter Better now it gave her relief. She knew only adi could do that .

Kya Ho Raha hai.? Are you troubling him Geet ? Maya asked from Geet knowing her daughter. Which actually made Geet angry and her mouth turn in o shape.

Haww.mumma .how could you take his side when in fact he was the one troubling me . Geet pouted throwing one cushion on Adi’s head. From all things , she couldn’t bear her mother taking another person’s side apart from her , she can’t shared her mother with anyone , she was so Possessive for her.

Geet behave !! Maya warned her.

Here I am sick and still you are scolding me mamma. It’s not fare. Geet made a face and sat there huffing like a baby.

Adi laugh at her drama while Maya shook her head seeing her daughter’s antics

You have now grown up Geet , when are you going to understand this. Maya chided her checking her temperature. It was not yet down though that made her worry but she kept it to herself .

I am not going to understand it mamma. Why don’t you understand it. Geet counter back feeling angry on her for talking like this .

GEET !! Maya glared at her.

Aunty is saying right , you behaved like a child Geet , adi support Maya while seeing Geet’s glared he added .

I mean sometimes.

Sometimes or every time , I will behave the way I want , the way it pleases me.

She mutter angrily throwing angry glares at both of them.

But you have to listen to anuty as well , adi again added fuel to fire , while controlling his smile seeing her fuming face.

Adi..you don’t ..she warned him while Maya called the servant to brought food for both of them.

Mamma muze nahi khana ! Geet made a baby face holding her hand trying to melt her but Maya Knowing her daughter, fed her forcefully, which actually melted Geet, she had tears in her eyes feeling her Mother’s love after such a span of time.

She offered her one spoonful of food ,knowing she had also skip her meal .

AAP bhi khalo !!

Maya took it smiling warmly at her.

Adi witness there silent love and ate his own dish.

If you are going to be just like this near me then I could never get well .she blurted only to receive angry glares from both of them followed by there shout


Sorry..she pouted making them chuckle again.

You will never change , will you ? Adi taunted her.

Hum toh bhai jaise hai , waise rahenge ..

Geet sang winking at him.

Achccha, Geet I forgot to inform you.its Lisa’s wedding in at next weekend and before ado could complete his sentence she was standing on her bed feeling overjoyed.

WHATT !!!  Yippii…

She was dancing now much to Maya’s annoyance ,

Geet ,now it’s enough , I am no more going to bear your antics..just sat down now .Maya shouted furiously making her shut and she sat down instantly like a obedient child making .faces while adi tried to control his laugh seeing her face.



  1. Adi is such an amazing friend. I really really enjoy adi and geet bonding. Nikhil was as always creepy. I don’t like nikhil at all. I’m happy that maan was not able to meet geet as i’m still very angry with maan. Loved geet adi and Maya scene.

    Liked by 1 person

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