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Maan took his steps back when he saw the mother daughter reunion. But Maya’s return make him to think something serious.


Geet was still unconscious burning with high fever that left Maya to wonder on the various reasons . Only her daughter could discloses it she knew.

Nisha (the same her friend doctor) now and than gave her a look for she couldn’t stop getting angry from her own friend seeing Geet like this.
Till when it will goes on ?? She mutter angrily checking Geet , her temperature seem too much high.
I don’t know what are you talking about ? Maya asked patting her daughter , while her eyes glue on to her pale face, that swollen cheek ?? She thought ruefully , how did this happened.
You very well know and you are so drown your own work that you yet don’t know what had happened exactly here. Nisha taunted back seeing her this time Maya looked at her angrily.
I did always know but this time my men didn’t do there job well
You are her family not they .Nisha taunted her ruefully .foe god’s sake you are her MOTHER , maya !! she blasted
Only Geet can able to tell now , Maya spoke thoughtfully.
Can you say, what had happened to her cheek, it is swollen red, are there any marks.. Maya caressed her face when she heard her friend.
Yes, there are no marks now but I can say your doubts are true.
Is it ?? Maya was turning furious now.

Yes , someone had hit her on he cheek. nisha confirm her doubts.
She didn’t told you anything before . Worried Nisha asked from her .
No..nothing.just had cried a lot ..I have never seen her so broken like that night.her throat chock just getting those flashbacks .
It is serious then ! Nisha mutter worried for her dear child.
It’s alright Maya . I know she will tell you once getting back her conscious. Just don’t pressurized her much , she needs rest 2 days maximum  .she patted her shoulder to console her.
Yeah.. I am fine. Beside she will be fine soon as well. I will make her . She speak determine.

It was again dreadful atmosphere in the Handa Mansion with Maya fuming in anger . She took class of all her servants. Nakul told her about last night revealing more few things .once done , she called Maan.
Now it was time to meet Her Bodyguard!!


I want to know what had happened last day or precisely at night with her.
Maya’s question left him drown in his guilt now. He sealed his lips , not kniwkno how to tell her and more precisely what to tell her.
He only narrated the incident happened last day at the hill , knowing there is no point in hiding that , she will find out soon and she have all rights to know as she is her mother .
Maya’s blood was boiling to no extent , her fist clinch hard making her nails to piece her skin. She wince with the effect ,her eyes turning red.
I have them in my custody. He mutter furiously for he couldn’t either bear the thought of yesterday . He even can’t stop blaming own self.
I will look after them myself. She spoke in her stern voice , glaring at nothing obvious . She would killed them right now but here her daughter needs her today.
The air turn heavy , tense , as both were turning more furious with the thought.
When her phone buzz, and she rushed outside without waiting for more second.
Maan stand still still drown in a yesterday’s all flashbacks when that scene of him slapping her roll in front of his eyes making him to closer his eyes in regret . He punch the side wall angrily , and rushed outside to just get one glimpse of his baby doll.


As he stood at the door only to see the heart wrenching scene. She was crying in her sleep while Maya was trying to console her. She seem was getting hyper seeing some nightmares , although he was still unknown that those nightmares were reality of her past life.
He was more than a shock after knowing that she was burning with high fever and he couldn’t stop loathing himself.
He saw doctor was trying to inject the injection but she was hyper wriggling in her mother’s clutches.
He wished to just rushed to her side and hold her in his arms , sooth her pain , pushed all of them out of door .
The scene was paining him deep , almost he got his eyes moisten and gulp hard the knot in his throat.
GEETT.. GEET.. For god sake stop..dear.. Maya blasted to see her condition. She was going to burst in tears herself but she can’t. She control hare her emotions for she can’t when her daughter needed her.
Aahh..mummaa.. and there hearts stop beating for a moment hearing her scream and she woke up soak in her own sweat .

Mumma..mumma.. woh. woh.. ??  .AAP..Kahi..mat..Jana.. she was still breathing heavily trying to spoke in her rag breaths.
Yes, I am here..you calm down.she patted her head when Maya gesture Maan to go from there.
He half heartily went down and rushed outside taking his car instead of going to outhouse.
He was still confused about the whole fiasco, seeing Geet like this he knew something had related to her past, and now it was making him restless, he wanted to know everything, every damn thing about her life.
Seeing her like this , it chock his breath almost , making him hard with emotions. He couldn’t have seen her in this condition. It pained his heart deep.
He combed his hairs back in frustration,. His breaths turn high ,as he stop the car beside the road side and rushed out banging the door shut.

He can’t bear it.. it hurts..to see her like this and he can’t do much , can’t even go closer to her, to hold her , his arms ached to took her in his warmth, once he would get chance, then he will blow away all her pain.
He was restless, not knowing those feelings, he loved her , do he really ?? Yes he loves her madly god dammit..he loved her. He kicked the car bonnet hard with his foot.
Yes he do..He loves her . That’s why he can’t see her in pain, can’t bear the thought of yesterday , when she spoke those words, how dare she , that’s why he raises his hand, how could he ? He looked at his palm feeling like a culprit to hurt his own love but she could only shut her mouth. For she had to spoke like this ? He only knew how did he felt seeing her on that cliff, in the hold of those boys. And when she spoke again going back to same scenario , he completely lost it. He was furious on those goons, furious because of the things taking place one after another, seeing her hurt, seeing her on the verge of death.how he had to control all that all together. .
In that all this he just hit her , as she is the one caught in that right moment .
How he had to confessed her in past few days when he was himself unknown of his own feelings. He was restless himself, unknown ,.Today  he is bound with his duty.

He thought ruefully closing his palms in a fist , and stand still liked a rock glaring in front at the empty road.


Don’t know how it had come out , hope it is well. Have type in hassle, so fast. Hope Maan’s feelings and POV is clear now.
More mysteries is going to reveal as the story proceeds further.


  1. I always love it when maya takes care of geet. Wish she was always there for geet instead of only when geet is hurt. I don’t feel maya is a bad mother. She is a good mother but lacks some emotions. I can understand maan’s pov. He is torn between his duty and his love. But can’t wait to he just let go off his duty for his love. Isn’t love more important. I’m wondering what will be geet’s stand now. Will she again try to be with maan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm.. Maya is not bad here..infact she is positive character here..it’s only her different shade portrayed here.. offcourse all characters should be different ..not goody goody..it’s her different nature and the way she loved her daughter is all together different..
      I mistakenly deleted half of the character sketch..will see if I can able to post again..


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