Thud..she fell hard on to the hard floor hitting again on the same injured hand that made her shout with pain.

Tears flew out furiously , feeling so humiliated, timid , hurt in front of her so called bodyguard.

Her face heated up with fury , she wiped her tears furiously not wanted to show him her weakness. She made a mistake before but not today or henceforth showing him her weakness, thinking him as her companion.

But he lost it today. The place that he had made in her heart. He left it bruised with his deed today.

She got up furiously stumbling few times and without looking back at him , she rushed out , though she was in no condition left but she managed not wanted to stand there any more minute .

Maan stood still fuming not realizing yet what the sin he did in his anger. It was when he spotted something red on the floor , he curiously went forward and check it to get horror shock as it was her blood.

GEET  .. and he dash outside with fast pace.

Here Geet was in no condition to walk even , she stumble inside her room when she heard Nakul Kaka calling her from behind.she just stop on her place when he came near her.

Geet bitiya..

But he stop in mid just seeing her half face and soon his eyes widen in shock seeing the blood dripping from her lips and whole face was in worse condition.

Bitiya ..yeh kya Ho Gaya . He turn frighten and drag her lifeless body inside room.making her sat he got first aid kit from drawer and sat on his knees in front of her.

Bitiya ..Tum thik toh hai ?? Yeh sab kaise hua..kisne Kiya .he ranted his questions one after another seeing her silent but she still sat just numb to all her surroundings.

He slowly clean her face and applied ointment on places but she didn’t once wince totally lost , he bandaged her hand also when she softly frown but both nothing more.

after a while he heard her crock voice as if trying to sound normal but she was not.

Aisa kyoun hota hai Kaka , ke jinse hum Beintehaa pyar karte hai , woh Apne hi Hume chot pahuchate hai.

His heart went out for the little girl seating in front of him like a doll. He was clueless though about her talks but thought that she must be relating to her mother.

You must be tired ,bitiya, main kuch  khane ke liye leke aata hoon aapke liye. Saying so he stand on his feet but her words stop him.

I am not hungry , Kaka , just want to sleep and she lay down on her bed without no flicker of emotions on her face that left him worried.

Bitiya.kuch kha lo. He looked at her to see her closed eyes and there was no response from her side. He waited for more few minutes and at last went out closing the door behind him shut.

Maan stood regretting on his actions , he bang hard his hand on the wall furiously for slapping her.

Now seeing and hearing everything he just realized the impact of his sin on her innocent heart.

What happened to Geet bitiya.you must be with her na ? Nakul Kaka asked sadly coming face to face with Maan.

Maan have no words to say him , how could he said out his own deeds in front of him. He bend down his head feeling ashamed if his acts in anger.

Can I once meet her ? He asked back instead .

No.she is now sleeping , Maine Abhi Abhi hi dawaiya lagayi hai. Bitiya mooh se toh khoon Nikal Raha tha. Nakul Kaka spoke extra dramatically making his heart skip a beat.

I am going now , you must be also going to outhouse. Nakul Kaka guided him till entrance and Maan have no other option left other than going to his own room.he once glanced back at her room upstairs , his heart ached to get one glimpses of her but now he can’t as he himself pushed her sometime before.

He left with his aching heart with those painful memories lingering  on his mind.


Rays of sun flicker through her window making her painful sleep broke ruefully. She flutter her eyelashes and woke up with her aching body. Her bandaged hand throb badly with the venomous pain.

She drag herself towards the mirror as per her habit and one look of her face , her loud scream echo through the walls of Handa Mansion even Maan could hear it and he knew his sherni is back .

He chuckled but soon his face expression turn to painful one reminding just what he did. He had to asked sorry from her. he couldn’t get ounce of sleep yesterday regretting his actions, he spend all night in gym punishing himself .


Geet was on fire seeing her face in the mirror, it looked ugly with her swollen cheek , not that but she thought so.she just remembered the events taken place at night and her anger shoot up.

How dare that BODYGUARD ,she pushed  all her cosmetics from the dressing table on the floor breaking every costly things.

How dare you , MAAANN .she screamed again furiously .

All servants ran towards her room getting worried for her. Once all crowded on her door step she shouted again now on them.


And all again ran back to do there own work leaving her blabbering herself.

Now how I have to take bath. ?she pouted with her moisten eyes ready to burst in loud cries as her anger on her Bodyguard just multiple getting the glimpses of her horrible face in the mirror.

I can help .

And her head shot up towards that stern voice , eyes went wide first in fear, excitement,happiness,then anger and now she just rushed toward the person.

I hate you mumma !! She throws herself in her mother’s arms and burst into loud cries hiding her face in her chest.

Her bandaged hand pained now and then but she ignore hugging her with all her might.
She missed her , last night she misses her as never before.

Maya was shock with her daughter’s outburst like this , she had never seen her before breaking like this to this extent. It was her childhood but as she grew up Maya had made sure it would not happen. But today seeing her like this her anger increase multiple wanting to know the reason behind her condition. Her bandaged hand , her face , she did not notice till now properly as Geet just flung herself into her. But as her cold hands touch her burning body , she fumed to no extent .

GEET ?? What is this ?? She pulled her daughter apart furiously, when her eyes widen in more shock seeing her drooping eyes and she blank out , it was not enough there was more shock for Maya waiting .

As she got the glimpses of her swollen face ,it made her suspicious , She was on fire now , realizing that something had happened behind her back that she was still unknown and not had informed by her men or her Bodyguard yet.


To be continued..

So what are you guys thinking.. ? Will Maya come to know ..what will she do.. or it will be last day for Maan’s job

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