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Part 33

Maan was now on fire , once he found her in his arms , he started to fight again with them . Geet was just on his side gluing to him happily adoring him .

The day had turn to evening ,when both left from there leaving boys lay on the ground wriggling in great pain as Maan broke there all bones for daring to harm his baby doll.
Geet looked at him muttering few curses now and then but he was no where to glanced one look at her. He drove furiously to reach Handa Mansion . His fist was tighten furiously , on the steering wheel ,eyes spitting fire . While he prefer to ignore the irritating creature seating beside him.

You will not once look at me. Geet pouted , hurt with his behavior,her eyes moisten.
Her hand pained badly , while blood was all dried now and it was itching her badly now but only once he could gives her a look.

He gave her no answer or even look ,only increase the speed driving crazily increasing her heartbeats .

slow down the speed. She warned him as she was in no condition to bear it, but Maan didn’t listen her ignoring her completely.

Slow down damn it..she shouted furiously holding his wrist which was on the steering wheel.And he applied the break hard making both of them jump forward .
Ouch . She wince as her head hit forward while he glared at her , his breaths were high in anger .

You are the only reason.he snap at her again starting the engine.
She looked at him hurt, going back to her seat.
What ??

Don’t asked me anything now , you know it well in fact you knew all this before hand only. He taunted furiously , Geet was silent all the while trying to comprehend his each words , she was damn tired , her eyes turn heavy finally went closed.

He stopped the car in front of the mansion and looked at his side to see her sleeping , she looked completely worn out .Climbing down he went on her side and opened the door .Geet got up listening the sound ,she rub her eyes looked around to get that they had finally reach home .she sigh in great satisfaction , first time ever she love this feeling to be back to her home safe and sound but all thanks to her bodyguard aka her new boyfriend . She turn around to see him waiting for her to climb down .

She clumsily got down shouting in pain as her injuries are too big this time. Maan locked the car and straight walked towards the outhouse ignoring her completely. Geet was now furious beyond wits seeing his behavior.

What the hell is your problem BODYGUARD ? GEET shouted rushing behind him before he could closed the door.

Get back to mansion now , Geet. I am in no mood .
I don’t care if you are in mood now or not.just answer my question. She pushed him on his chest getting inside the house and locked the door behind.
Damn…on the lights fast. She mutter rapidly ,as her heartbeats increase , she was on the verge now getting those flashbacks . Maan stopped without any moment as he just wanted to send her back to her own room .
Not knowing what his acts in rage was doing effects on her.
Maan . She hold his hand in fear , once her cold shivering hands touch his ,he realised that she was shivering in fear .
He tried to go to reach the switch board when she tug on to his hand .
Pls.. she mutter under her rag breaths.

Hmm. One minute. And he took out his cell starting the battery on it.
Geet sigh in relief clinging on to him , Maan saw her calm down and drag her towards the switch ,pressing the button of light.
Whole outhouse brighten in light and her face light up with her dimple smile.
She smile cheekily at him still clinging on to him .
Leave now. He unclasped her hand walking away from her.
I will not go , what will you do. ? She asked sarcastically putting her both hands on her waist.
Don’t taste my patience Geet , just leave .he mutter angrily turning his back to her.
You know what , I want to taste whole of you .she spoke huskily going behind him.
He turn suddenly only to bang on her and there lips touch igniting the fire in both of them.

He pushed her angrily leaving her stumble on her steps as she was on her heels .
MAAN..HOW DARE YOU ?? She dash forward and tried to hold his collars in fist but it was not possible with her injure hands.
She wince glaring at him .
It was better when I was there on the hill edge in the hold of those boys , she blabber in anger while he arched his brows together listening her.
Atleast that time you show your true feelings to me . She continue rubbing on her itching hands.
I wish I could go again then only you will ..but her words hitch in her throat as he just flung his hand hard across her face.
Ahh.. she shouted stumbling back and lost her balance hitting on to the hard floor.

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