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The chase began soon , as soon as he started to followed her behind racing his car to reach her own.

Damn..this girl..mutter Maan angrily banging his hand on the stirring wheel.

When he was little far from her car, he saw that other one car following her , driving on her side.

He turn furious and increased the speed .the road became lonely now as he followed her behind. 

Geet was totally out control ,she was speeding up the car furiously when one car followed her on her right side.

She could see through the glass window there were four boys of group who were hooting &screaming at her.

She opened her side window and rolled back her goggles on her head. 

Hey sexy ..want some company. One boy tease her .

Geet glared at him furiously ,already she was in the worse mood and damn those boys.

Till then Maan reach behind her car, when other boy tease her.

I wouldn’t mind boys, but the Guard behind me will. She pouted at those boys making them looked behind them and Maan dash his car furiously between two cars making an entry in the middle.

Hey..hey..man.. boys shouted taking control on the car they chase her again came on the left side now since maan’s car was on right hand now.

Geet, don’t be foolish , get back to home now. Maan warned her as he knew there is still danger lurking around her .

Geet decided to ignore him and she increase the speed again ,and Maan dash behind her followed by boys.

Hey sexy..is he troubling you. ? One boy asked. 

A lot .she replied in attitude glaring at Maan while he glared back at her for the whole fiasco for it is taking his control away.

Come with us babe..we will have fun. Other two carry on the conversation teasing her.

Maan was turning red now listening them ,he was about to retort them back when He heard her sweetly speaking.

Not now boys, next time  . She again went ahead ,this time boys followed her first before Maan could reach there and they stopped the car in front of her making her press the break hard.

Now it was hill area , roads were twisty as well. 

What the hell..?? She shouted furiously coming out of the car banging the door shut. Maan just then reach there stop his car. He was getting there intentions now. 

Geet was just about to reach there car to pull them out for there audacity when she felt hard pull on her wrist from behind and she was twirl around banging hard on his hard chest. 

Leave me ..you hippo . She scream furiously on his face banging her fist on his chest hare with all her might that left him to wince in pain.

Will you shut up once . He shouted on her holding her tight in his arms that she was unable to move. 

Boys come out seeing the scene they got that both are couple non the less they want the beautiful girl now for them as they were Casanova . 

Leave her man., Will you ?? One of them shouted and Geet Maan both turn around to see them.

Geet eyes pop out seeing there highly built up body better even than Maan. 

But her Maan is Better than those ugly hippos. 

Hai na..my honey bee..she spoke her thoughts out loudly to him .

What the..?? He was surprised with her talks and Geet just realized she spoke only her half thoughts. 

I said , let’s go, look those guys are really tough ..she gulp hard eyeing them and continue looking at Maan.

I mean.. even for you. 

Maan twitch his brows together eyeing her turning furious.

You are really underestimating me Geet . He glared her showing his attitude. both were busy in there own talk when all four surrounded them.

Is it ? Geet raise her brows twisting her lips. 

If you could beat them all now black and blue saving me from here safely then I can..

She left her words leaving it in middle 

He was hearing her curiously when she stopped suddenly.

Then you can.. he asked her eyeing four boys who had surrounded them .

I can let you go..she gulp hard the knot which form in her throat. 

You can’t. Was his quick reply which shocked both of them. Maan don’t know when those words left his mouth while Geet thought that maybe she hears something wrong that she asked him again.

What did you said ? 

Hurry up guys.. we are waiting..hey babes come fast .leave that boyfriend of yours.

Maan was on fire, his eyes were red in fury glaring at each of the boys.

Come again. Just what did you .said ? Geet asked from the boy while turning excited to hear it again ,Maan was shock with her antics while boys were more than willing to hear her and speak to her. 

We asked you to hurry up..

No no..not that.. that boyfriend word. 

She asked dreamily clinging onto Maan.

Geet..he gritted his teeth seeing her acting weirdly when both are stuck here and only because of her. 

He is your boyfriend, isn’t he .other boy taunted now turning angry too.

Geet just pulled out of his arms and ran towards the guy happily hearing him.

Oh yes buddy. he is my man. Hot and happening na? She asked dreamily fluttering her eyelashes totally lost in the new feelings  that fail to realized what blunder she done.

Geet.maan shouted walking fast towards them when he saw she was ready trap as the guy pulled her from her waist.

Geet was startled now she punch him hard on his stomach turning furious.

How dare you ? Maan reach there and punch him on his face making him fell back on the ground thud.

Other three come from behind to attack him ,Her eyes widen and Maan got the clue but they were more sharp , one hold his neck from behind almost strangling him .

Maan tried his best though they were highly built up more powerful .

Leave him you ba**** Geet scream going frighten herself at the turn of events, she hold his hand which was on maan’s neck.

That boy pushed her with such a force that she slip straight near the edge of hill.

Aahh..she shouted with effect of force as she hit her elbow hard on the stone bellow and blood spit out furiously from the area.

GEETT.. and pushed all three boys behind furiously, his eyes spitting fire behind that there was fear and pain lurking for his baby doll seeing her in such state.

Geet has started to cried now as it started to throb badly in pain and seeing her own blood it make her condition more worse.

Now there was no stopping for him seeing her like that, he attacked all of them furiously beating them angrily.they were no less though, they attack him back making him injure as well.

But soon enough he again got the hold of the fight .

NO..!! MAANN.!! he heard her scream and stop his hands holding one of the boy’s collar.

Other one had hold Geet on the edge ,almost ready to push her down.she was so helpless , already loosening her straight with blood loss .

Hey Don’t dare . Maan shouted when other three again got the hold of him smirking in victory.

Man..you both had torture us enough.now it’s our turn.the one who was holding Geet spoke up.

What’s say sexy .he jerk her closer in his arms making her Yelp in pain and she cried.

LEAVE HER !! Maan shouted furiously , struggling hard in there grip.

What’s the hurry , man ? First let the points same of  both of the teams .

As he spoke other three who was holding Maan started to beat him furiously.

NO !!! LEAVE HIM ..Geet shouted trying to be free .

Maan beat them all ..pls Maan. She shouted with all her straight remain.


He looked at her sad face , teary eyes, her bleeding hand and thought to beat them back again but when he tried the boy who was holding Geet shouted again.

AH..NO MAN..and he tried to push her again from the edge.

NO.. DON’T..Maan scream getting hell scare now , and they again attacked him.

Geet was loosening her conscious now , she saw him getting beat from those ba**** and her blood boil to no extent seeing there evil smiles on the faces, her Maan was getting injured for her and he told her to stay away , then why the hell he is getting himself injure when he don’t loves her.

Her eyes shine suddenly realising the new fact ,she snap opened her dizzy eyes to looked at him again , her LOVE.her heart swell in pride ,small smile adore her lips,she forgot her own pain and started to struggle now in his grip to go to her love.

MAAN.. she Wriggle hard but he didn’t let her go , she furiously kick him on his foot making his hold loose the hold on her and she ran toward him .she stumble few steps calling out to him to reach him.

Maan saw her rescues and threw all the boys behind angrily when she dash into his arms.


to be continued.



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