Next morning Geet woke up with her aching body yet again with previous night incidents.

God, those hippos , I would just killed them right now once they get into my sight, she curl her small hands ,while her nails poke onto her soft skin, she wince.

Shit. She got up with grumpy mood , today couldn’t have the mood to peek into mirror, still she peek in to get a her glimpse and found something different,.she frown and suddenly get to know that it is his shirt which she is wearing .

She groan angrily before opening its button rather roughly ,but then stop.

It is mine now, why should I take it off? And he too is mine .She pouted before claiming her possessiveness for him and got down from her bed.

Once done with her morning routine,she went to have shower and wear his shirt again .

Tum nahi toh yeh hi Sahi, bodyguardji!! She smirk playfully sniffing his fragrance from it while she thought as if he is engulfing her.

Your shirt is better than you , he is not pushing me away instead I can throw it whenever I wish . She smirk in victory drying her wet hairs looking her beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Oh yeah I am looking hot , don’t I ?? She turn around looking herself in the mirror while speaking to her own reflection.

Yeah. Just he might have been here to see him . She pouted then gritted her teeth furiously.

Chaddo.. I am no more going to beg his attention. Geet Handa can make the big line of boys behind her, she spread her arms like a small child.

Oh bhi..hot hot more than him..

But I want him only. She stamp her foot angrily , for her heart couldn’t stop beating madly just with his reminder.

After her blabbering session , she made a call to Nakul Kaka downstairs to send her breakfast in her room upstairs.

Bitiya neeche nahi aaogi ?? Nakul Kaka asked ,

Nahi Kaka , aaj mood nahi hai ,

Tum thik toh hona ,

Ji ha Kaka , no worry , I am fit and fine.

Few minutes later , her breakfast arrived and she was just going to relished her food but as she make her mouth big to took the morsel ,

Ahhh ouch.. she wince big time as her lips had torn a little with last incident ,above this there furious kisses.

She couldn’t stop blushing , God , she want more but only  if her khadus bodyguard would allowed . She pouted again wincing in pain.

UllU Da patte.. she cursed them all who tried to kidnapped her last night.

I would just killed them right now .

Here at one isolated face , he beat them all angrily reminding her worn out state again and again.

He slap the one furiously, threw uncountable slaps on his face as he got the flashes of her bruise cheek.

Bas bhi ..karo.. the man muttered under his rag breath but Maan couldn’t stop , he continue his beating till he could not able to recognize there faces.

Bahot shauk hai na , ladki Ko kidnap karne ka ? He spitted angrily banging his head hard on the wall.

Sir, it’s enough !! He will die . His men tried to interval but he was no where , he had turn into beast ,a raging Bull ,how dates they raise there filthy hands on his baby doll.

She is fragile , and innocent . How could they thought even.

Sir , leave him. He will die. Again one of his men tried this time he glared back at him furiously.

Then let him and don’t you dare to interval in my matters. He punch right on the kidnappers face glaring at his man angrily.

And the man went into unconsciousness , other three was bleeding profusely,and now they had started to cried seeing there partners condition.

Now speak up damnit !! He shouted pushing the chair behind on which he was seating beating up that man .and now he stand up furiously glaring other three.

Yes.. yes.. let me speak. One of the goons started before he could kill him.

It’s Sharma !! Who told us to get that girl.

Maan narrow his eyes on him , his face was now completely red in fury.

who is he ?? He threw another question.

Goons tried to breath as they cough hard .

Answer me !! He shouted again getting no quick response from them.

We don’t know anything more, just knew his name . They spoke in one breath fearing from his next move.

You don’t know or you don’t want to open your damn mouth ? He gritted his teeth pulling him harshly from his hairs that he shouted in pain.

Hume nahi bata, we are speaking only truth . Leave us now , other two beg him life.

Leave you ?? He laugh manically before glaring them again.

Didn’t the girl yesterday plead you the same ?? Didn’t she ??

He shouted yet again kicking them all three as his possessiveness for her started to come out furiously.

If it was not his cell ringing , he would not have stop killing them till death.

His men quickly took them away to transfer all to hospital since there condition was worse.

As he looked at the cell , his anger only increase multiple to see the ID. It was Maya.

Did you  caught them all ? She asked as son as he speak up.

And yet again he was left astonished with her query.

How do you know every time ??he couldn’t stop .his anger decrease somewhat and curiosity raise.

She is my daughter , if you have forgotten, Maya replied in amused tone, for she wonder herself , why he is asking her now.

By the way , it’s seems you have already gotten the name of culprit, have beaten them again.? She could really make out from his high rage breaths .

Yeah. It’s Sharma . He sigh heavily answering her, there is no point in denying it that she is one clever and vicious woman.

From opposite party .Maya gritted her teeth .

Is it ?? He narrow his eyes , getting his answer.

Why ?? He asked back the reason behind her kidnapping though , he knew ,how the rivals goes on between two opposite parties. It’s politics after all.

You don’t need to know everything. She bark at him busy in singing some papers.

He controlled his rage before shutting his phone down.


Here Geet tried to search for first aid but it was not available, she finally called up her servants and get one kit from them asking my them to leave.

And now she was trying to aid herself all alone.

Kya din hai .. there are no friends today nor her boyfriend oops , khadus bodyguard .she muttered angrily feeling pity on own self for she have to aid herself alone.

Nahi nahi.. hippo hi thik hai. Show lots of attitude for his hot body.

Haye, I just wanna eat him right now , she sigh heavily getting flashes from yesterday night where he was all bare so closed to her.

I would just threw this anger away and for a while cherished his body  .. she sigh dreamily , dreaming about him.

Dreaming about me ??  She heard his husky voice near her ear.


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