Geet was so infuriated with the thought that someone is behind this , her every trouble not letting her live peacefully.  She was lost when suddenly her ears split with high screech sound of vehicles.
She smile knowing he has finally came. She wriggle in there clutches to let her go but they didn’t when all of a sudden the doors from both of her sides got opened and the men around her got furiously pulled outside.
Geet came out slowly to get in the view. She rub her tired eyes , and saw him beating all of them angrily without any mercy.


 Other few men were there as well who got the clutches on all of the goons.
Once done , he breathed high , leaving a huge breath when she straight ran in his arms throwing her arms on his neck when he engulf her petite form in his arms.


Are you alright ? He looked so tense for her , she enjoyed his care and worry for her and that time she knew he was someone so special for her , only for her.  She had started to felt deep for him . Her Bodyguard! !
But all of a sudden she came out of his arms and pushed him angrily on his chest.
WHAT ?? he was all confused with her sudden change of behavior , before sometime she was hugging him , which he felt bliss to have her safe and sound in his arms but now??
Why is it too late?  Why do you make me wait so much ?she again hit him on his chest when he pulled her in his arms smiling at her antics. She willingly obliged this time .


Both kept hugging each other ever so passionately as his men went from there taking all of them in custody.
He pulled out and get the clear view of her face when he found her cheek swollen with red print marks along with her cut lips.
How did this happened? They dared to hit you. ?  He was infuriated with the thought itself.  He had cupped her face dearly asking from her.
Geet shiver with the cold, the intensity of his burning passion and anger, with the thought itself that they dared to slap her. It was making her furious as well.   Her whole body shook with fury and pain that he engulf her again in his arms.
Don’t worry . I will give them back double the pain they had made you gone through .
He mutter furiously as he took out his shirt and wrap around her. She was fantasize with the view of his bare masculine chest. Her heartbeats raise with there close proximity whereas Maan was only getting worried for her.


She let go her all fears and worries , just engulfed herself in his protective warmth.



Maan drives both of them back to Handa Mansion. He looked at her worn out state and couldn’t stop himself from turning furious at the thought.  Hopefully his men will get the answers to his all questions and who is behind all this. He was so tense for her when he got to know she was again kidnapped.  It made him go wild with worry for her. They did managed to harm her though .
He suddenly stopped the car furiously at the road side.it was secluded area deprived of any human.
Geet , who was looking outside the window,  enjoying cold breeze looked at him confused.
What happened?  She asked slowly as the pain still was there in her bruise lips.
Is it hurting  too much ? He asked still in the same worry.
N… she was about to denied him seeing his worry but thought instead to fetch some of his caring side only for her.
Ha.. Maan. Its painting a lot . She dramatically spoke which actually Maan believe as he was too much in her worry.
Achcha? ? Come here . He pulled her softly near him while she showing innocence almost sat on his lap.


And that became wrong move for both. As he was just in his pants , she sat right on the point making him groan as a reflex .Geet , on the other hand got his plight, she herself was going mad with the hotness of her Bodyguard. Her arms rub on to his chest softly as she engulf him in her arms binding them on his neck.
Kya hua Maan ? She acted innocent pouting her lips with cute frown looking all together sexily adorable .
Ouchh. . She again fake it wincing in pain as she hold her lips .
Don’t baby ! He pulled her hand away when his face got close with her to get the clear view of her bruise lips. There was still dried blood marks which make his blood boil .


Maan.. she moan sighing heavily with there closeness as his heavy breaths fallen on her shivering lips. Her hands hold his broad shoulders tightly as she pushed herself more onto him anticipating a kiss.
Maan was so lost in her as well , he peck her cut mark on her lips making her gulp her saliva , she close her eyes waiting for a kiss.
Damn.. why too much waiting.. she lick her dried lips  trying to feel him with her soft palms as they went on his every inch of bare body making him go wild with his desires for her.


Precap : what you guys think ? Kiss happen ? Will he kiss her ?? You guys want it to happen? ? Or NOT ??? BIG NO ???



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