There breaths mingle as lips come closer to each other. Second kiss was about to happen when both broke apart hearing the small cough of distraction. 

Sir , your shirt

It was peon, who came to deliver his cloths.  Geet went to her bed glaring the poor boy who ran from there after tucking his parcel in his hand. Maan shook his head to see her antics. 

As he wear his shirt , just then her friends ran inside,  they were just two , Karan didn’t came.

Where is he ?? Is he still angry on me ??  She asked pouting her baby pink lips. Making him groan in hunger to have them again or fury for she asked that question. 

You don’t think about him , he will be fine. Niks assured her distracting her . 

Maan went out to get some fresh air as he needed it badly to think on his actions before he do something.  

Just when he was stepping outside she stopped him  . 

Where are you going ?? You are on duty , you forgot , Bodyguard? ? 

She taunted smiling from inside but show only blank face. But that hit him right on his ego. He furiously glared at her non the less answering her.

I will just back in few minutes. Saying so he rushed out furiously without waiting for her says.

What was that ??


 Adi asked from her when she burst into loud laughter. 

Having fun. . 


She giggle along with nik while Adi could only adore her. 


It was next day and she was back at her home but again there was no mum to welcome her . She was sad , hurt though didn’t utter any word but her face said it all. 

As soon as she step inside , her sadness vanish in thin air , looking her surrounding. All mansion was decorated from inside  for there princess . She ran inside jumping in joy.

Geet aaram se. You are still not fine. 

Maan caution her tuning behind her.

WOh. .hoo. . Thank you Maan. . She shouted in happiness but making him confused. 

He looked at her confuse for her thank you when she stop on her place and was confuse now. 

You are not the one ?? 

He nodded in no again making her angry . 

How can I expect  from you even , ?? You hippo Bodyguard !! She utter angrily punching on his chest while her eyes turn furious red.  

Before Maan could replied her back , there was burst of balloon on there head making them jerk on there place. 


Aahh. … and there she goes screaming out loud in happiness, surprise and getting sweet shock like this. As whole mansion burst into lots of balloons.  

Welcome back ,  Geet Bitiya !! 

All servants circle her pushing Maan behind,  and her eyes twinkle in joy with there shower of love on her. 




Soon there was dhamaka inside the mansion since there was no Maya today.  She Busted in happiness,  screaming , shouting around , running around the whole mansion while Maan ran behind her every now and then stopping her as she had just return from hospital with her hanging hand.


He was having shower inside the washroom when he heard some noise outside.  He closed the shower and wipe off his body dried. wrapping the towel around his waist,  he was out only to get shock to find her there seating on his bed lazily reading some magazine. 


Geet  ?? What are you doing here . ?? He shouted

Geet was again flat seeing her hot Bodyguard.  She was again in trance got up went towards him.

Maan was now in his right senses. He back up quickly and went to cupboard to take out his cloths.

Go back , right now. His voice was stern for he was really angry today on her behavior.

He was searching his night dress to wear for a night when he felt her soft hand snaking on his arm sending ripples through his whole body and he jolt back.

Geet? ?

Let me .. she spoke in most sensuous way seducing him and he gulp his saliva hearing her.

She took out his vest and pants matching with her cloths she was wearing and jump before him.

Matching. ..?? Now it’s perfect.

He snatch the cloths from her hand went inside dressing room to changed it.

She again made herself comfortable on his bed and soon she was snoring inside his blanket.



Geet , you shouldn’t be here at this late hours of.. he gulp the remaining words seeing the angelic sight of his baby doll.


He went near the bed and sat beside her , His hands went on its own accord on her temple caressing it. He felt her softness and his fingers trail down on her cheeks while red hue appear on her chubby cheeks feeling him in her sleep.

Maan.. she moan out feeling his hands on her neck that’s when he realized where he was leading and pulled out his hand suddenly.

His breaths were rag,  he was frustrated on himself for loosing like that , he was frustrated on her for making him loose like that. 

He wanted to pulled her off from his bed and throw her out. But his heart deny the thought right that moment. 

Its her own property,  Maan.  If you forgot ?? He thought smiling slightly reminding her cute anger.

Shooting off his all thoughts he went to other side of the bed and adjusted himself as he couldn’t be fitted on small sofa. Beside she wouldn’t mind finding him there beside her. He smirk gazing at his innocent baby doll. Soon his eyelids became heavy and he drown into beautiful sleep ever beside his baby doll.



Next day he was already Ready with his black suit and having talk with his men on the phone. They were still trying to find the main reason and main culprit behind the accident which took place in the Mall.

He shut down the phone and went inside near her. Sat down gazing her sleeping form.  She was sleeping like a child cuddled inside blanket .

His mind was at peace seeing her sleeping peacefully secure in his room. His heart became stable which was beating fast with rage and restlessness before sometime just reminding the incident. Her sight with blood was all around just make him clench his eyes tight to threw that thought aside. 

Never knew when she became that inseparable part of him . But still he have his own limitations. He just can’t now..

His thoughts broke with her sudden shouting .

MAANN.. Oh you are here ??

Geet got up shouting in happiness finding him near her as soon as she opened her eyes.

Miss Handa or Mam,  if you forgot then let me remind you , you are in my room in outhouse. 


He taunted her smirking at her to see her face became blank as she remind it but soon she recovered getting back to her Geet Handa mode.

So what ?? It is my room only , mine house , mine property,  mine bed .

She pointed at herself and later spread across the whole bed with her legs apart and one hand caressing the soft silk below.

While Maan’s eyes pop out seeing her bare legs spread open showing him as she was wearing shorts with no blanket on.

Geeet. .he gritted his teeth wrapping the blanket on her feet when she furiously slip it down glaring him .

What are you doing ??

First get out and changed your damn cloths. He blasted on her furiously showing her the door.

And that was it , he press the wrong vein of Geet Handa. 

How dare you ?? She furiously got up and stand on her knees glaring him furiously.


Yes I dare , so what ?? What will you do ?? throw me out ?? I guess you never wanted this , hai na baby ??

He squeeze his browse together giving her a victorious look and she lost it completely he is taking her granted. 

ALl of sudden she started to scream hilariously getting angry on him.


Maan was startle by her sudden scream , he was now sure she will bring all her servants from mansion here along with other security guards.

Before her scream reach out he rushed towards her and slam his lips hard on her shutting her at once.

Precap :- Maan is no less !!



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