Will you be my boyfriend? 
Her question buzz in his head as he continue to gap at her. He forgot his voice as what to answer her. She is first ever girl might be who is proposing to boy that too for be her boyfriend not any confession of love.
But that is Geet Handa.  He chuckle turning his head sideways from her.


What is there to laugh,  ? She fumed punching on his shoulder with her free hand.


Maan clear his throat thinking for the right answer on her question actually weird proposal.
He was about to told her when doctor entered inside the ward making Geet fumed in more anger.
How are feeling now , Ms.  Geet ? Doctor gulp his saliva before asking her.
Better ! Geet gritted her teeth glaring at him saying further.
And now I no more want to stay here , so you better get the discharge papers ready.
She literally warned him .
But Ms. ?? Doctor tried to make her understand but she show her palm to him indicating him to stop .she was already furious on Maan for laughing like that on her proposal. What wrong she asked , and how rude for him to laugh on her like that. Her ? The Geet Handa? ?
Geet  you have to stay here for a day at least.  Maan spoke getting irritated on her behavior for she was still not recover. 
You don’t need to poke your nose in my matter.  She spoke rudely being frustrated feeling alone again for she was missing her mother terribly and second thing he just laughed on her that thing still didn’t left her mind.


GEETT. his red eyes burn her and doctor just ran from there seeing a silent war.
She turn her face as her eyes moisten again with his behavior.
Listen baby.. you have to be here. See , your hand as well is not in proper condition. He tried with his soft tone and she instantly mellow down.


her only words and she lay down on her other shoulder turning her face away from him.
Maan left from there leaving her some space to calm down herself unknown of her silent cries.
As soon as he left silent tears rolled down her cheeks making her feel vulnerable.
Aap kaha ho , mom?  Only you are my family no one understand me not even Maan. 
She clutch the pillow tight in her hand burying her face there.



It was midnight when she broke into silent tears in her sleep. Her whole filled with sweat , her body twisted with the nightmare she was having.
And she sat up screaming out , gasping for breath.
Baby. He was at her side at once taking her in his arms.
Aahh. She wince as sudden pain hit her injure hand.
Oh..sorry. .he slowly pulled out cupping her face lovingly . He push back her curls wiping her face with his hanky ,she sigh resting her head on his chest when his arms wrap around her taking her in a hug. 


He slowly patted her head rubbing her back to calm her. When she was about to sleep, he tried to get up . She didn’t let him pulling out her face from his chest , her hazel eyes pleaded with sweet pout.
Please and she again hug him keeping her head on his shoulder.
He adore her cute antics pecking her head.
ek minute baby. He adjusted themselves on the bed and took her in his arms with her bandaged hand on up side.


Soon both of them drifted to peaceful sleep after hectic sequences.



Next day she get  up blushing  with the thought of sleeping in his arms. He smirk seeing her blush that was always sweet thing for him to see.
What do you thought about my proposal?  She asked sweetly this time keeping her ego aside for the time being as she thought she needs him badly to be her boyfriend.  He could take care of her well. She smile with her sweet dimple making his heart beats raise with her hopeful eyes. He never wanted to disappoint her still he had to. He have his limits as well which he couldn’t cross unless and until he needed badly.
Keeping his emotions in control he blankly replied her.
I can’t be your boyfriend,  Miss Handa. 


Geet was shock or Said hurt with his straight forward disapproval.  Her eyes filled up but she control herself.
But why ?? She wanted to know
Because I am your Bodyguard.  He simply answer not knowing how to answer otherwise.
So what ?? You can still my BF,  can’t you ??
She was again hopeful.
No,Miss Handa. That can’t be possible .
Now she was turning furious with his Ms.  Handa. 
You know my name , don’t you Bodyguard? ? She gritted her teeth.
He could only sigh on her behavior,  she is pushing him to edge now. He thought to better go out than bursting on her. As he got up to go out turning his back , she pick up the water jug from side table and furiously threw whole water on him chilling him with the sudden contact of cold water on the other hand Geet was actually wanted to threw the jug on him . Her intention was to hit him with that jug for being jerk.  But because of the lack of strength in her body because of accident instead of jug the water from it flew on him making him drench from back.
He was dumbstruck stand statue on his place getting with the reality of what just happened when he heard her loud hilarious laugh. 




He was lost in her sweet voice of laughter for few minutes before he came back to reality.  His eyes turn blood shot red as he turn furiously towards her making her flinch back with his rage.
How dare you ?? He gritted his teeth glaring her furiously.
How dare you to deny me , the Geet Handa. .


She fired back recovering from her little fear for she knew he would not harm her , she has that belief on Her Bodyguard.
Just leave it..  he mutter angrily rushing to washroom to changed his cloths now for he knew her too well now to keep fighting with her.
Once inside he realized that he didn’t have any chance of cloths .
Damn that mad girl . He pulled out his wet shirt from his body baring himself completely and wipe off his body making called for new piece of cloth.
He came out just in his pants with his upper body bare calming down his bolt up frustration.


Geet , her mouth open leaving a loud gasp she continue to gap at him with her widen eyes.
Maan looked at her and smirk with her look.he felt proud on himself for his body. What was more mesmerizing thing than the thing right now is happening. His girlfriend was gaping at him adoring him .
Geet was so lost in him that she climb down from her bed and went near him where he was standing still gazing her each actions intently. 
She stand in front of him , so near to him that her breath blew on his bare neck making him started to burn in her closeness. 



Her soft palm touch on his chest making him jolt with her soft touch . Her hazel eyes met with his chocolate brown own and both got lost in a passionate eye lock.
His hands went on her small waist pulling her closer while there breaths mingle as lips come closer to each other.

to be continued…

Precap :  Geet is not going to let go that easily. ..


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