Geet , geet ..aanhke kholo  baby.. he utter hundredth of times cupping her adorable face in his hands but she was not opening her eyes making him more and drown in his own guilt of not able to save his baby doll. 

He has her in his lap cradling her unconscious self. his men look bewilder to find his this shade but they kept quite not daring to asked him any question ,sins they know him well enough now.

The car stop in front of the hospital and he hurriedly come out taking his baby in his arms but soon enough to his annoy ace there were media people surrounded them. They just need that little hint to be on the spot. 

His men handle the crowd while he takes her inside hospital. 

Damn… that Bodyguard… he was there again! he broke the TV screen angrily. How it is that he always knows our planning and saved her on the time. His voice was harsh and cruel. 

Sir its seems he was never going to leave her… that Maya had appointed him for her dear daughter sins she is not going to let anything happen with her. His men share the information. 

Let me see, till how long her BODYGUARD can safeguard her peace of heart. And he laughs evilly.

There is nothing to worry Mr. Khurana. She is all fine, it was shock she was undergone that made her lost her consciousness. Her hand have little bite injuries that we have bandaged. She has lost a little more blood because of her bleeding in hand but now all things are under control, she may feel a little bit weak for few days. You can meet her now. 

Doctor clarifies him making him sigh in relief. He was damn worried for his baby doll. 

He slowly entered inside her ward where her all friends were there circling her. His fists tighten in anger to see the scene. Aditya was seating beside her on the bed holding her hands in his own. 

Feeling tired? He asked concern for his dear friend as he caressed her pale cheek.

Hmm. She nodded silently closing her eyes but that blast never leave her innocent mind that she snap opened her eyes as few tears made their way from the corner of her eyes. 

Baby… he asked concern wiping her tears.

I am scare! She murmurs looking into his eyes for assurance. 

You are my strong friend, aren’t you? He try to encourage her to face her agony, his hands cupped her face, she nodded silently trying to close her eyes feeling that little strengths with his presence. The sight of both made Karan and Maan burn in utmost jealousy but more than that her condition made Maan concern and its hurt to see her cocooning in someone’s arms fetching solace.

Now enough of your crying crybaby! niks speak out loudly to change the atmosphere. 

I am not cry baby! geet pouted cutely with her hazel eyes turn moist again.

Yes you are, look at yourself… geet, her eyes fire up in anger listening to her, while maan curse niks silently for teasing his baby.

I am not…She argue back, her voice raise.

Yes you are… niks taunted her again making her fume to that extent that she jerks up suddenly making her hand pain.

Aahh… she cries out holding her bandage hand. 

GEET..BABE..BABY..all four of them rush to her concern. Niks made her lay down properly. While all three boys shoot the angry glares at each other.

What are you doing here BG for name sake? Karan taunted him seeing him there it just boil his blood.

KARAN… geet called out loudly nit liking his tone. While she continues to stare at him, there was small smile lingering on her lips on finding him beside her like always.

He was the one who save me like always; she added further glancing at him with great attitude. Karan fumes not liking her voice or tone. Beside she just insults him in front of all. 

Fine I am going… he rush out angrily without looking back. While she called out from behind his name.

Oh to gussa ho gaya… She pouted,

He is like that only baby, you don’t worry! aditya said her seeing her pouting.

So Mr. Bodyguard, I am grateful to you that you save my dear friends life yet again! aditya handshake with him. 

Maan , his expression was as it is blank .he just nodded slightly .

It is my duty. He added glancing at her while she smiles at him cutely showing her dimple.

How are you? He asked with so much lovingly finally finding themselves alone in the ward.

It is paining and I am damn scare… She cutely completed on the verge of crying, he swiftly take her in his arms seeing her state.

And she broke down in his secure arms finding solace there. Where is mumma, has not she come yet? She spoke out crying her heart out to him. 

Maan don’t know what to answer her or how? He felt anger rushing through him on the mention of MAYA.

She will, geet. Just wait for few more days. He tries to console her rubbing her back. 

When? I am dying here… she sob hard but her broke through her listening her.

Shhh. Don’t says like that. I am here. Aren’t I? He cupped her face.

She nodded furiously glancing his lovely face as her cries subsided she continue to glance his face and her gaze went to his m shape lips, the sudden urge raise inside her to feel that. She felt unknown feeling surging through her. 

Maan looked at her closely seeing her each gesture. Her beautiful face was so near to him. Both can feel each other erotic breaths as they continue to stare at each other longingly.

She slowly touch her lips on him feeling so alone suddenly, her hands clutch his shoulders tightly wanted him to kiss her .he looked startle for few seconds before he take her shivering petals in his lips slowly, and started the kiss with utmost care and love oozing out, as he mold her petals ever so softly not hurt her, his hands cup her face dearly while her hands started to roam on his back freely feeling him. 

She felt heavenly to be kiss by him, as his lips were doing some magic on her, her eyes turn droopy. She lay down on her back taking him on herself. He makes sure not to put his weight on her.

His baby doll is so fragile right now! 

Geet try to kiss him back the way he was doing. She felt his tongue rolling inside her mouth ever so sensuously. Both of them kiss for long time but dint leave each other. His hands hold her waist protectively in his arms. While she make herself comfortable in his arms.

She was ready to sleep that he rolled his wet kisses on her whole face till her neckline.

Maan… she moans out with her close eyes. 

He leaves a tender kiss on her forehead and she opened her eyes slowly to get lock in his chocolate brown orbs. 

His eyes shower her with that much needed love warmth and care. She long this days and words escape from her mouth making him shock for a moment.


Precap : What will be his answer ?Wink


  1. He feel all trembling down as can’t see she’s in pain…her all friends with her..BT this karan na..alwzz secretive…something.. Who is tat wanna kill her….at last the kiss n confession….. Geet really daring. Yaar…

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