She entered in her room and saw her sleeping peacefully on her puffy bed cuddling herself laying with her legs on head post .she chuckle her way of sleeping as always with blanket on the floor.
She takes steps further to her bed taking blanket in her hands wrapped it up on her body properly as she seated herself beside her head caressing it with one hand while her other hand get inside her neck as she slept on her mum’s hands feeling her warmth.
Maya smile with tearful eyes.her sweet child had to go under the today’s happenings .she caressed her injure where bandaged was done on her forehead. She wince softly feeling her child’s pain as she blow on her wound softly.
She had already finished her work of calling every needed person to look after this matter and who is behind all this though she have hint of the person but nothing is still clear.
But whoever it is she will make sure to make his life hell or more worse for giving her child this slight pain even.
Why didn’t you tell us babe.
What is there to hide in it..adi asked her angrily supporting niks.
Both he and karan glance at maan standing at the door of resto. .he look so odd from others.adi make a face where as karan was just fuming from last night silently.
There was nothing in this to speak on..she reply nonchalantly. Her mother’s behavior had hurt her badly to think on any other things .she was in very bad mood though after meeting with him last night had made her calm some bite and she was actually dreaming of having her mother closed to her looking after he injuries.
But that was just dream far from reality of her life..a mere or forbidden dream that cannot be fulfilled.
Finally some tears made there way from her hazels and then more and more finally..
There was big flood in resto with loud sound of her crying.
She cry her heart out screaming stumbling all the restaurant around ..
Niks and Aditya finally make her shut with there palm on her mouth.maan came running towards her.
What happened mam…he asked concerned. .leave her ..his voice high ..he commanded both of them seeing there act.
No..don’t asked us that..both of them.nodded hyper ..
I said leave her..he again commanded with his eyes turning red in anger.
Karan just clinch his fist controlling his anger for this man.
Geet on the other side crying in there hands itself like muffling her cries.
Her face was all red with her cries.
As both of them leave her fearing from his red angry eyes.
She busted in tears and all just closed there ears with both hands.
Waiter who had come to place there order ,tray fell from his hand and he ran away from there.
Maan just take her in his arms and rushed out from there leaving every one stun again.
Just take that speaker out yaar..huss. ..niks sigh in big relief..screaming from behind.
You….Geet fake her one jooti  (boot) on her from maan’s shoulders as she cry historically banging her hands on his chest.
Adi and karan stand to go behind coming out of there shock.
You guys just stop…niks stop them going behind her.
Just let her go yaar..she really makes me deaf .niks commented rubbing her ears.
Are you made. .he just take her out 8n his arms..how dare that guy..adi reply to his mad friend.
Karan also supported him fuming to remind that scene.
But guys when she didn’t protest why we come between there matter. .she reason.
But niks. .
Look..you know yesterday how aunty was angry..and she herself has hire him for her safety ..so.
So we let that guy to take her where ever he wanted.
You just seat here fill your damn.tummy. I am going. Let’s move karan.
Saying so both guys rushed out to find Geet.
Niks just huff in frustration pushing one sandwich in her mouth.
She is still crying loudly banging on his chest as he make her stand infront him.then have come little far from resto and he had atlast stop the car to see her still crying her eyes out.
Atlast after crying so much she got tired and kept her head on his shoulder leaning on him.
He hold her from her waist caressing her waist chain along her bare skin that send shiver through her spine and she looked at him.his eyes were boring in her painful one ,trying to assure her..
She suddenly look around and find the desolated place.she gasp ..
Where have you brought me ..she look at him angrily .
You..she hold his callers in her fist in fury at his courage on bringing her alone here.she is not some fragile innocent doll to let anyone kidnapped her.as she thought on this line she just remember yesterday incident where she is going to be kidnapped by those mask men’s. Where her bodyguard had save her..
She glanced at his face knowing he said he savior ..
Maan was glancing her all changing expressions ,he can saw her brave expressions as well as belief or faith on him inside that hazel eyes of hers.
You were crying so much..so..he left it incomplete.
So..what..what you thought ..she asked him glancing his face with great intensity. .
Let’s get inside car..I have to called my friends they will be worried for me..she order him further in serous mode getting inside the car.
He stop there seeing The Geet Handa..beauty with bravery…




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