As she come out he saw her wearing her skirt and there was no sari on her body..he gasp seeing her in that state though her blouse was pack showing like a top still the feeling of sari was there on that.

Hell..what of this girl is..she herself know what she is doing ?

He frustrated comb his hairs back to stop himself from bursting on her.it’s not her fault but his..

What ? Why are you looking at me like that..is something wrong ? Let me check..saying so she turn her back towards him and its one more shock comes his way as he saw her full bare back .his fist tighten to control his desires that were building inside him seeing the raw beauty infront of him.

Kuch bhi galat nahi hai. .lets start na ..I Am getting late already.she commanded him coming closed to him.

He sigh  trying to gain his self control , don’t know from where to start he pulled her suddenly with the sari and she came in his arms like a child smiling ear to ear excited to wear sari for the first time.

What is there to smile at that too big..he rolled his eyes as his hands started to stuck the sari material in her skirt. .his fingers stress on her soft skin and she lost it..her eyes turn dizzy ..she try to widen in to focus.he made her turn and her back touch his broad chest.he caged her in his arms as his big palm press on her tummy.

Ummm…maan..dheere se na..she murmur softly lost in his touch.

Maan on the other hand try to tangle his raw desires but his hands did get that chance as they press on her belly .he sigh ..that is not right..and that was not right aswell which happened I the changing room though she was also reciprocated but she is nave and he is making her to do so..his heart denied him to take that chance of her innocence. .she is nave already suffering in her own life and he is getting advantages of her..her situations. .

He stuff half of the sari and leave her slowly as her innocent smiling face came into his eyesight.

Geet..you can just stuff this sari in your skirt. He requested genuinely. . his pure feelings started to glisten on his face. 

Geet come out of her lost state and just nodded in acceptance.

She stuff it like he gesture her to do and maan was all the time lost in her adorable face.when it come to making her sari plates she fumble not knowing how to do exactly. 

It’s not happening. .do it na .she requested like a adorable child and maan can’t able to resist her he forwarded his hand to take her sari.

He make her plates slowly each with perfection that she continued on admire him and his ways.

He gesture her further to stuck it in her skirt ..he didn’t touch her but she did as he gesture asking him with her eyes.




Let’s go bodyguard we are getting late..hurrryyy ..

She came up running like a mad girl in her sari. He just rolled his eyes seeing her running in that sari.

Here she goes again..he murmur wearing his goggles on.but soon enough his eyes widen in horror to see her again falling down on the hard floor.

Geettt. .he ran to her and in a moment he saved her from hitting the floor.his heartbeat raised to new level of anxious. She was shivering hell for the first time clutching on to him for her dear life.he fail to notice that in his own worry for her.his hands wrap on her back protectively as they came into hug.

It was a minute later he came to his senses and pulled her out of his hug slowly. 

Are you OK?  He asked concerned bit his eyes hided behind his dark glasses. 

Hmm.she responded calming herself. Let’s move..




As she descended down from the car all eyes turn to her gaping her .she walk out gracefully in her saree and ready to go inside resto when he rushed behind her trying to wrap his hand on her bare back.

What are you doing ? She asked being frustrated on his move.

Geet..it’s necessary. .why did you even wear this blouse.? Maan gritted  his teeth. 

Hawww. .it’s not looking nice..? You didn’t told me .she pouted her lips angrily and turn her face away from him being upset on him. 

Hell..what is do to this girl ? He rubbed his forehead frustratingly .

It’s all opened ..your back .do you realizing this..? The words come out from his mouth in frustration. 

She gasp to hear his reply.her eyes widen glaring at him..

It’s called fashion. .now you don’t start like mum..and she stop remembering her..she us still not back and she is hell missing her.her eyes moisten and she turn her face again.

Maan sigh regretting to made her sad.

Your friends might be waiting. He said making her to turn back at him.

She nodded and move to go inside but soon felt him wrapping her with shawl.


to be continued ..



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