Geet..Maan was totally shock seeing the scene but soon enough her stable himself. They need to be out of this dark room.her condition seems to be looking worse..he can know the reason after they get back to Handa Mansion.
He looked at her shivering form .her scare self from him.it pinch him hard inside seeing her condition. He stubbornly move forward towards her.she was getting more and scare at his each step .Finally he moved fast and grab her.
No…please leave…but before she speak further her senses got blank and her body went loosed up in his arms.
GEET. .he was finally horrified for her.first her fears and now..


She opened her eyes slowly to see her dear friends were there seating beside her on the bed.
She didn’t react a bite .her eyes were blank just as her face devoid of any emotions.
He looked at her..there was that pain brewing inside him to see her like that.he still is clueless about the reason behind her sudden change of persona ,which he was unknown till now.
As Aditya entered inside her room there was quick ting of emotions reflecting in her eyes ,she sat up suddenly on her bed.
Relax baby..i Am here ..she flung her body  in his arms and burst into tears.
Baby..all is fine. He try to calm her but she was nowhere to stop.
Aditya knows that what she is facing now and it is going to be difficult for him to handle her but still he is the one who did this always from the time they were together.
Maan looked at the scene and his whole burn in extreme jealousy but more than that it’s the fact that made him angry that after Aditya’s entry she did react..but why and how..
Woh…he…he…geet try to form the words but it’s not happened.
Relax baby..no one is here..it’s your friends.
Aditya wiped her cheeks that were red now with continuous crying of hers.he rubbed her back to made her relax and soon enough she drifted into deep slumber.

What had happened exactly? Aditya asked from maan.
Maan..he darted one glare at him and told him just about door being lock and his trying to opened it from outside. .he never wanted to told there togetherness inside the room or even slight doubt.
Aditya knows this from Niks aswell though he was having doubts of that past or its glimpse repeating yet again.
I told you that before aswell when I reached there she was unconscious in his arms there was little crowd outside the changing room with sales girls. Niks explain yet again.
What had happened exactly to her ? Niks Asked suspicious about whole thing.
It’s nothing..she is just scared being inside that dark room.saying so he came outside in the lawn.

you know everything, didn’t you ? Aditya turn hearing his voice.
What are you talking about ? He asked from the new Bodyguard .
You know what I am talking. .maan repeated again wanting to know all about her.and with all the scenario he can guess ,this guy is known of all about her things ..though that thought not send any relief to him but still its the reality.
Aditya sigh but he never wanted to share this thing with anyone nor with the unknown person yet and its her life there life which he never wanted to let other people see..it’s the thing between 3 of them.
I don’t know anything and I don’t want to share anything. .simply he utter before leaving from there.
Maan sigh frustratingly and rushed outside to find some relief to his unstable mind and heart.

Mumma. ..she scream loudly before waking up from her sleep..
Babe..what happened ? Niks who was staying with her woke up hearing her scream and made her to drank some water  .
Mumma..i want my mumma where is she ? Geet asked frighten to the core seeing some nightmare.
Relax babe. .woh Aunty kahi bahar gayi hui hai…
.how could she…
She looked at her dear friend getting worried for her.
Niks you sleep. I will just stand in the balcony for a little while..she said wiping her tears.
Are you sure babe..Niks Asked still not sure.
Yeah.i am..geet assured her before going towards balcony of her room.

He looked at the petite figure of her..there was still that blank expressions he could able to make it out.
Her curls were moving with soft wind. She was looking like an angle in her small gown.
It’s the little moment after geet glance his way and time stood as if.
She remember all that happened in the changing room.flew emotions wash over her face before that blankness coming again.
She rushed inside hurriedly leaving him totally amused.


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