Geet looked at his face and find her new bodyguard was staring at her intently. There was concern for her in his dark brown eyes.she felt happiness rushing through her body finding that worry for her..only for her.a soft smile adore her lips before Niks pulled her from him.

She looked at his face finding  pain there for Niks unwanted doings.she frown looking at Niks.

Are you OK. Babe.I am sorry.
It’s OK Niks. I am totally fine.she reply to her stealing her eyes from him.
Let’s get ready fast.we have to leave for outing. Niks asked her pulling her inside the room.before Geet protest anything he said.
She is not still fine.but Niks again broke through him .Mr.Bodyguard. you don’t have to tell us what to do or not..you better..
Niks.mum has warned me to not to go outside today. Geet reveal finally to her evil friend who is ready to bash her bodyguard which she don’t like at all.
Oops tumhari mamma..but she stop herself seeing her angry glares.
Ok..ok..not word more..she jerk her shoulders in defeated manner.
Geet just storm inside her room followed by Niks. He stood glaring at her back.that foolish friends of her.he fist his hands tight controlling his all rage.
It was late night. Geet was not feeling sleepy at all.she decided to roam outside in the garden.garden is there in between her room balcony and outhouse.
She was feeling the cold wind blowing in with sweet fragrance of flowers blooming in moonlight. She smile feeling relax. She move forward and sat down under one of the big tree supporting her back on the trunk.and closed her eyes feeling cold wind blowing around her blowing between her curls aswell .
It was so hot from morning .not when coming in between nature it’s sooth her.
He came outside looking at one figure outside in the garden.his shop eyes caught that it was Geet.he don’t know how and when he started to take steps towards her like some magnet inside her was pulling him towards her.
As she came in his view property .he gasp with an angelic view of hers.she was looking as if some angle was sleeping below tree in vast flowers all around her.her curls were blowing around her .her angelic face had that glow on her that will envy the moon itself.her soft pink petals was curve in beautiful smile as if she was seeing some dream.he looked at her that she was wearing same gown from morning. But its the best dress he could have saw her in which she looking like an small angle.
He dont know when he reach near her and bend down to her level taking her in his arms that she gasp bit didn’t dare to open her hazels fearing it will broke when she will opened her eyes.she didn’t wanted to missed that chance to be kiss by her dream man.
He dont know when he reach near her and bend down to her level. Geet gasp finding him near her as she felt him seating beside her but she didn’t opened her eyes fearing her dream will broke if she will open it.she wanted to be kissed by her dream man.
And next moment he take her shivering petals inside full filling her wish.she clutch his broad shoulders tightly as he continued to kissed her hungrily and she let him do that pulling him closer by his neck hanging on him.
He kissed her passionately chewing her lips whereas she was lost in his kiss moan with passion overflowing  through her whole body.
She turn and twitch under him.he lay his whole weight on her making her gasp.his hands started to roam on her whole body hungrily. She gasp for air and he leave her.she lay with her closed her eyes enjoying it.when felt his wet kisses on her bare neck.
Geet shivered under him as his lips travel down on her upper chest that was bare for his hungry kisses.he kissed her hungrily on her whole bare part before biting her hard on her chest.she gasp with pain and snap opened her eyes.
Her eyes widen  to see him .


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