It’s been 2 days after that incident and she was feeling fine now coming out of her high fever.her friends had visited her going worried for her.

And Geet ,she was on happy that never before. Her mamma was always beside her in this 2 days. She just enjoyed her closeness.and felt like she should remain I’ll and wouldn’t get well soon.so that her mother could remain closes to her.

Mamma ,I am feeling pain here. Geet pretended holding her head.

Maya looked at her naughty daughter smirking from inside, she all knows her all antics , but it’s her urgent meetings today she cant ignore .already she had skip her office for her.so it’s needed to be there today beside Geet is all fine now leaving her tantrums aside.

She chuckle on her thoughts as she turn towards her daughter who was from past half an hour was making reasons to make her stay with her.

Geet ..its urgent today.so have to go.you take rest for today aswell from tomorrow you can start your all routine.hmm?

Geet pouted feeling sad as she hugged her mum from her stomach , Maya combed her curls and said.

It’s getting more mess up ,your should make them silky for a day at least.

Nope..i will do something other way maybe..she stated lazily burying her face inside her saree .

Ok..do your wish but today you are not going anywhere from house.it’s final.Maya stated strictly forbidding her from speak more thereby.

Geet just pouted seeing her mother going away from her.


Geet are you not getting bored seating inside this weird room of yours. Niks mock at her roaming her eyes all around her messy room.

Geet was just laying lazily on her bed from morning not feeling sleepy at all after her mother goes.it’s late afternoon that Niks entered inside her room making her to seat still she fallS backwards lazily resting on her puffy cushion. Her room was all mess up that Niks taunted as always.

You will not me from your funny mocking will you ? Her tired eyes fume red on her evil friend.

Then what can I do ,you are laying like this as if become old .

Geet narrow her eyes at her ready to kill her now just waiting for one more word from her mouth.

And it came as she spoke further. .

Ya..i should called you..old Lady..

How is..but before she speak more she fell backwards as Geet hit her with the cushion.

Arghh!! She groan on pain and frustration. .

You old lady..Geet eyes spitted fire as she stand up from her bed .

Oh shit. .now you are looking like..

Hmm.let me think she pretended to thinking keeping her finger on her chin.

Geet was waiting for her answers fuming.

Ya remember. .you are looking like chudail .that witch with yours that..

You…Geet scream her lungs out before rushing behind her as Niks ran out of her room feeling her next move.

I will not leave you..you witch. geet ran out of her room behind her holding one cushion in her hands.

All servants came out of hearing her scream. They looked up smiling at them both chasing in whole mansion. But soon there smile turn into horrified expression as they saw her skipping one step from stair case and she was going to fell in loosing her balance.

That’s when he rushed to her in one swift move and she fall on to him.

As he step inside ,he heard her screaming and some other voices after going further he was mesmerized by her beautiful sight.

She was wearing that long gown(like nighty /like frock) because of her illness. Her messy curls adding to her beauty making her to look cute in her whole attire. He could just kisses that chubby cheeks of hers which were red because her anger.

He came out of his thoughts seeing her once again falling from that stairs and as a reflex he just rushed towards her to saved her.

Geet didn’t know what happened all of a sudden.she felt herself falling down and ready to heat the hard staircase.but that never happened instead she felt falling on something hard body and that man’s hands wrap around her cocooning her inside his hard frame.

She felt secure as she sigh in relief and rest her head on his chest .

Are you OK babe.niks asked her from behind breaking there sweet hug.

He parted her slowly and she saw his face.


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