Mujhe Aise Tadpaaye
Oh Mujhe Waise Behkaaye
Mujhe Aise Tadpaaye
Mujhe Vaise Behkaaye
Mera Dil Dhadkaaye
Mere Hosh Udaaye
The one who takes away my consciousness
He tortures me
He makes me lose my senses
He tortures me
He makes me lose my senses
The one who makes my heart beat faster

As she heard the lines being play she just forgot her all her anger and twirl in happiness.
It’s been an hour now she still didn’t show up from her room and it’s started to make him worried for her. Thinking it’s because of his teasing.
Did he go overboard in his teasing.after all she is his boss.he had not that right to did so also ..
Let’s move Mr.Bodyguard ..and he heard her bossy voice from behind. 

Ho… Saajan, O Saajan
Aayega, Aayega, Aayega Saajan...
That beloved of mine
That beloved of mine will come
As he turn towards her his breath stuck seeing the beauty cascading in her long maxi.

How on earth she came on wearing this when it’s always that damn shorts ..her preference. .


Are you turn deaf or what..didn’t you heard me ,let’s move..fast..i am already getting late.
She scold him seeing him lost somewhere but later get that where it is..her cheeks turn red in embarrassment as she got the flashes of him being inside her room on he bed..
God..damn..this bodyguard of hers has just touch her..
U ff. ..she don’t want to think further.nor she blame him fully as it’s her fault as well. 
So to hide her all shyness she blasted on him to move fast.
Doesn’t know what’s happening to her from the time this bodyguard has step inside her life.
Maan glance her now and then  from the front mirror seating on back seat.
He hated it.he isn’t her driver to drive her towards her destination but damn this handa girl making him do the things which he didn’t do or never wish to.first of all he don’t like her bossing him or anyone doing that.he never tolerate.
But don’t know he come in her charms always going as per her wishes.
SHE Was Busy IN her phone making some phone calls.
He get that it’s her photos hoot today as she was talking 9n that only on phone. 
He saw the mature Geet Handa today seating behind as if she had just forget all there morning incident in her room.
He felt current run down his spine suddenly remembering that. 
She was definitely lost in him but her that anger.
U ff. .he let out a small chuckle remembering aftermath her cute anger.
What is so funny to laugh alone while driving. 
She taunt from behind seeing him laughing alone..it’s that his smile catch her attention from mirror but how can Geet Handa accept that easily so try to hide her own feelings she taunted him wanted to heard his voice ..don’t know why this urged. But she didn’t heard him from the time they had move from her home.it’s long way to go towards her studio .
Still half way remain.
It’s nothing mam.he turn stiff so as his face showing nothing to her making her upset.
No need adi..i am fine and can managed llone baby.she spoke in the phone earning his attention and he break the car hard almost making her bang forward .
Ouch..she wince holding her forehead. 
Can’t you drove perfectly ..you hippo..i just hurts my head.
She fume from behind on him.
He fume more and came out of the car furiously opening the back door of hers.
She stun for a moment. What is he doing .as she felt herself pull out by him harshly bringing hot layers of tears in her hazels on his harshness. .and why..
What are you doing.she squirm in audible voice seeing his fuming state that was looking horrible. 
One look at her scare face and he just turn around combing back his hairs in frustration .
Why..he can’t just control himself before her.he thought as he turn towards her to see her hurt and painful eyes.
Geet..look ..i..but before he try she broke through him turning furious on him.
It mam.Mr. Khurana. Her voice was hard turning tigress .
How dare you to stop the car in the middle of nowhere here..and why. .Did I said you for this .
He had no answer for her questions .what he answer her that he turn so jealous on hearing her talks with that her friends..
It’s nothing..it’s got stuck..i have to check it.saying so he started to open the bonnet trying to cover himself though nothing has happen to car.
OMG. Can’t you said that before. 
ITS already too much late..how I am going to reach there now.she make a face as if ready to cry .
I will just check it fast mam..you don’t worry.he assure her not liking her sad face. 
She look at him only to see him staring at her with intense look of his .both got lost in each other eyes for a minute that passing by cars horn brought them back to reality. 

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