Here on the other hand a Girl was taking shower, when  her phone rang ,she comes out quickly wearing bathrobe and took the call

Hello sir..

Geet, tomorrows your mission will be to interview the CEO of Khurana Group, Maan Singh Khurana.

MSK?? I heard rumors that he is very annoying? ?


She was irritated to even think on that line. She pouted with cute frown on her face.

I don’t want to interview him!! She denied straight way furiously.

This is your job!

Her director argue from other side

I don’t want to !!

Her words buzz but call was cut already . She stamp her foot pouting cutely .

Not knowing the reason of her irritation.


Aahh. .Sir. ..more…Sir. .aahh. . mumbles  in her sleep, sweat beads appeared on her forehead.she turns restless seeing him on the bed with girls half nude..

Aahh. ..

She shouted waking up from her sleep. Her puppy comes running towards her being scared with her scream.

She took him in her hands fondling him dearly.

I am sorry ..shona..I didn’t  mean to hurt you. Please forgive me dear!

Puppy sweetly licks her face making her giggles,  aww. shona… good puppy..don’t be scared. Hmm?? I didn’t mean to scared you, darling!


She fondle him lovingly engulfing him in her arms.

Its all because  of the novel that I read yesterday, and I had this weird dream..

But she couldn’t stop imagining MSK  to whos shadow she saw in her dream but nightmare  without her will she was turning red in anger.

Because  of the higher-ups I have to go interview  MSK..she mutter furiously  getting out of the bed.


Geet was trying to squeeze through the huge crowd of people to just get one glimpse  of him as he was just coming out.

She coughs in between  getting squeeze  in the crowd.

Cameras were flashing from around, when she saw him ..but wait ??

Isn’t MSK supposed to be young?  Why does he look so old?

Geet thought looking at his huge personality as he made his way out and she froze on her place seeing his charisma. She was lost in him for a while.


What an attitude ..!!

Geet, we needs to move..Let’s hurry.. pinky comes from behind taking hold of her arm seeing her friend lost.

Oh yeah!! Geet was pulled out of her lost state and she dash from there with pinky.

Both made there way to the hotel where he was going to stay as they got the info.

He has just checked into his his room ..

After a while  Geet makes a plan and makes her way towards sanitation was Geet , she can do anything for her job.

After this assignment I am definitely going to take a break for a few days..


She thought scratching herself here and there.

Ouch.. achchiii .. she sneezed as it was dirty around.

Here in MSK’s room, Adi was feeding him with the much needed info that was about Geet.

Sir, all the reporters are having dinner in the restaurant. There’s only a camera Guy who came along with her. I didn’t find anyone who is called as Ms.Geet.


Maan hears him patiently and once he was done he asked him to leave.

Okay, you may leave.

Just when Adi was going to leave both heard something banging sound.

I think someone is in the sanitation pipe. Adi said

Send someone to get whoever in there down here! Maan commands and Adi left from there to get the person .

Get me down? Do they know that I am here?


Her eyes widen listening him.she turn back only to see there is no backing down now.

Is it too late to get back now, Geet?She fumble blabbering to herself.

And soon she was caught by two guards from either side. She tried to kick , wriggles in there hard clutches but no use, they were more strong in front of her fragile  strength.

Aahh. ..its hurt …she mumbles rubbing her both arms as they drop her down on the floor once they were in front of him.

Her back was towards him , that he couldn’t see her face. Her curls flow down on her half face hiding it from him as well while she was lost in checking her wounds.

You two take her out and deal with her! His one man orders the guards who brought her here.



Geet was shock and scared now..Deal with me??!!

As they tried to hold her again she quickly turns back turning hyper.

Please..Don’t. . I am just a Reporter!


She blabber, so tired with all fiasco but her face has became dirty that he couldn’t recognized her.


Search her to see if there is anything  suspicious!


Maan orders seating on his boss chair, his eyes were furiously red .

Sir, there is a work permit, one man inform getting the card from her.

Geet was getting scared and irritated with the events.

Read it for me! Maan orders again getting impatient,  don’t know why..

Geet, E network media Group ..

She is the one that Maan Sir has been looking for? Thought Adi listening the name as he looked at the timid girl seating on her knees tired.

GEET !!??

Maan whisper turning shock , surprised ,delighted to find her that too here in front of him.

He looked at her to see her she was on the verge of crying now feeling this much humiliation.

He turns furious seeing his guards holding her from both sides while she was furious now , tried to pushed three hands from her.

Take your hands off her!

He thunder scaring the hell out of everyone.  Geet also tremble with his high voice.

And soon she found herself again on the cold floor.



She cried softly.

Step aside. Maan roared again on his guards as he dash towards her.

He bend down on his knees near her , His thumb rubs on her cut lips wiping off a little blood from there , he felt ached in his heart just with the sight of her little he heard her small voice which makes his heart more restless.

I am really not a bad person..


She tried to convinced him seeing his gesture , her tears flew out , she weep silently.

I just want to interview you..

I believed you! He was quick to replied this time as he cupped her one cheek gazing deep into her hazel eyes.

He tried to make her stand but she stumble few steps holding onto him feeling dizzy.

What’s wrong? He asked concern holding he from her shoulders.

Aahh. . She wince in pain , he quickly remove his hands from shoulders wrapping it on her back securely .

Who caught her earlier? He roared angrily , his blood was boiling as he asked from his men.

Guards who had drag her here before stammer with there words not knowing what to answer and how as there boss was the who had given order to them before.

Get the hell out of here.!! He blasts on them and both just ran out from there sweating badly in fear.

Maan then lift her fragile body in his arms,  she wince in pain..

Aahh. .hurt so much. She complained cutely melting his heart just with her words.

Wait for a while, I will called a doctor.

He was soft with is voice , as he made his way towards his room.

In a way , she fainted in his arms making him scared now.

Get Doctor Shah here! Quickly!! He orders Adi who was silent spectator  of all this. .he quick replied him as yes and rushed out to call doctor Shah.

To be continued. .

Ok guys…so how’s it?

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Thank you so much for wonderful response to this one to each one , friends. Do leave your comments and likes on it.

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19 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 1

  1. Part 1

    Impressive update!

    seems like Geet is a reporter! hmm why is Geet dreaming about Maan?

    so Geet is now on her mission to interview the great MSK!

    she is bowled over seeing him!

    great that Maan was looking for Geet and then found her outside his room!

    Liked Maan’s care for Geet!

    update soon

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  2. Wowwwwww:):):) This is a very intriguing update sweetie:):):) Maan appears to know Geet very well & is looking for her. But Geet does not know him? I am very intrigued about how Maan knows Geet and why he is looking for her…She is his lost bride? When he realises who she is the way his emotions and actions changed towards Geet…protective, loving and so anxious for her well being…That really shook me…Super excited to read the story dearie:):):)

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  3. Interesting Chapter

    Maan had already told Adi to search and find out if Geet is there
    but when he hears someone in the pipes he orders his guards to find the person
    and bring to him but when he sees Geet he becomes gentle and her words indeed
    melt him , but how does he know Geet is it because he read her file or there is something
    though Geet was covered with dirt yet Maan held her in his arms and insist Adi to get the doctor

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  4. I’m a confused soul now… What’s happening here… Y was maan searching for geet.. And geet doesn’t seem to know maan before.. What’s the relation between them… So many questions…

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