Dreaming about me ? He whispered near her ear sending goosebumps all over her body.

Geet startled fell back taking him on her body.her hands clutch on his collars tightly as his lips accidentally kiss her cheek leaving both of them more shock.

Maan.she frown cutely pushing him apart as he fell back beside her on the bed.

Yeh bhi koi tareeka hai , you scared me . She pouted punching on his broad shoulder.

Maan got up from the bed adjusting his cloths when his eyes fell on her aiding herself alone.

His heart started to get restless again thinking of the events or her aiding all alone without anyone’s help.

Let me help you , give it to me .he offer worried for her and took the cotton from her hand.

No need , aadat hai muze . She snatched back frowning at him.

Her words pained him more when he again snatched it from her hand .

Now I am here , I can take care . He drip the cotton in antiseptic  and went closer to her mouth.

Till when .? Kabhi Na kabhi toh jaoge na muze chodke ? She hold his wrist stopping him while her pain eyes question him for his ignorance till now.

Till my last breath ..he said with the deep meaning and was going to said more when she place her palm on his mouth.

Don’t you dare say like this ever . Her tone was angry and she turn serious at once.

He took her hand away and started to do her aiding .

She wince in between when he blew the hot air from his mouth making her shiver , there was small eye lock between both which geet broke deliberately.

He got up quickly in intention to go out when something caught his attention.as geet got up as well climbing down the bed ,his eyes widen to see her wearing only his shirt. Her bare legs from mid thigh looked gorgeous to his eyesight.his eyes stay stubbornly there .

What the hell ? Don’t you have any Shame  Bodyguard ? She placed her both hands on either side of waist glaring him furiously for his staring session.

His eyes widen in rage as he rushed forward and pulled her in his arms harshly.

Ouch..leave me. Are you gonna rape me ? She blabber wriggling in his clutch.

WHAT ??  Have you lost your senses ? He clutched her hard in his arms glaring her furiously.

Dont you dare to shout at me , she bang on his chest , glaring him back furiously.

You seriously have no sense, you are wearing nothing girl ,just only my shirt. His hands rest on her back below , when he continue .

And you are roaming in this ,keeping the door opened. He continue for his blood boiled to no extent.

First of all it’s now mine , she hold its collar showing him and secondly, it’s mine room and no one dare to entered inside apart from you hippo BODYGUARD !! She shouted last words screaming into his ear that he pushed her suddenly .

You are seriously mad , Girl !! He spitted when she charged towards him angrily.

How dare you ? She hold his collar angrily trying to pulled him down to her level instead she got hang on him.

He chuckle on her antics adding more fuel to her anger .

She was damn angry now non the less her fingers trail down  on his stubble ,making him twitch his brows as he saw her going lost in him.

His hands snake around her waist sensuously , pulling her more closer , her lips touch on his neck as she kissed him deeply there making him tighten his hold.

Give me my shirt. He whispered huskily in her ear teasing her senses.

No way , it’s mine now. She whisper back lost in his manly aroma that drives her crazy.

Achcha ?? I can get it back. He teased her smirking at her when she smirks back .

Then take it , Khurana !! She whisper back sensuously rubbing her palm on his chest


Next after 40 comments to this part. On last update there were so less comments along with likes.

Precap :-  I LOVE YOU !!



  1. I just loved it as always..
    Part 26
    Loved naughty geet.. Loved the emoji’s and msgs she sent to maan.. Geet gave a tough time for kidnappers.. It was too good.. But felt bad when they hit her..
    Part 27
    How cute maan came to rescue geet again.. Loved furious maan who beated kidnappers black and blue.. Loved geet’s hug and then her cribbing for coming late to save her.. Caring maan is soo cute.. And their romance too..
    Part 28
    Awww… That was a hot kiss.. And after all that kisses he have say that to her.. 😒.. Loved geet’s reaction though. As always childish.. Loved how geet scolded maan.. 😂😂😂
    Part 29
    Geet’s romance with maan’s shirt was nice.. Loved how she claimed it to be hers.. I’m happy that maan gave good beatings to that kidnappers.. I was wondering if maya knows about everything then how come she don’t know about maaneet’s romance 🤔.. Poor geet have to do her first aid alone..
    Part 30
    What’s wrong with this maan.. Sometimes he comes very close to her and then will tell her to stay away 🤦🏻.. Maan’s reaction to see geet wearing his shirt is too good.. Loved geet’s claim on his shirt.. And her sensually saying to take it back 😉😉😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😁 I am glad you liked it..
      Hmm..Maya doesn’t know about there romance because it is secret and closed one .not like opened just like that attack..it’s upper thing..that’s why.
      Maan as usual pushing her away just knowing the danger lurking around ..😉


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