Geet walk further leaving him behind while he stop there for sometime to check there surroundings. 
As she reach near the table where all her friends were seating and she happily , chirpily pulled out the chair to sat herself on it but soon heard Aditya’s voice. 
Her friends who were chatting and waiting for her desperately looked confused seeing some unknown lady seating beside them on there table which was booked only for them and most importantly she was going to seat on there friends seat.
As a reflex Aditya quickly said out before she seat .how can he make another lady seat on his dear friends place. 
Excuse us miss..but this seat is reserved for our friend.
Geet..her all expressions changed at once.her chirpiness was long gone.she was so excited to see there reaction.hear there compliment on her wearing saree. .she made so many efforts in this..in fact get help from her bodyguard which she didn’t before. .Yes geet handa  can do her own work..but breaking her own rules she did that and her friends..
Arghh. ..they are so annoying .her eyes shoot up red..they blazed fire before coming storm. 
Yes it is your same friend..you morons. .she bang her small hands on the table with such force that send little heart attack to her friends. 
As the words pierced through there ears they know who it is. They glance her face clearly that was hidden now in between her silky hairs.gosh..she made it silky that added more to there confusion.as there eyes roam all over her from head to toe..
SAREE. .all three gasp and soon met up with her angry red brown eyes..
Niks stared at her in horror while Aditya can see his friend had become big now. .in beautiful woman. .he continued to admired her .Karan have no words to describe her beauty..he was blown away as his eyes roam over her bare waist and stomach. .she had thrown his shawll on anger. 
Soon they heard her scream and followed by her howling. .
Baby..Aditya stand up from the seat as soon as she started to cry ..her tears which he can’t bear.
Geet seeing there reaction thought that she did something wrong by wearing saree and she once glared at her bodyguard who was coming there way only and her tears rolled down and soon she started to cry like a baby gaining all the restaurant attention.
Baby..before Aditya can reach her she ran from there in high speed being so angry on her friends. They didn’t even compliment her and just fail to recognized her.
Soon enough she dash into maan.Maan was all clueless as what happened inside he was late in coming here but seeing her crying it’s anger him.who dare to make her cried. .he wrap his hands around her tightly trying to hide her inside him. She continued to hawl loudly like a little child coming back from fighting with her friends while maan didn’t asked her anything knowing she will cry more.
All three of them come running to saw her crying in her bodyguard arms. That somewhat didn’t like by any one of them.
Karan..his blood boiled to see the scene. .he have to do something quickly..it’s going overboard now.he thought.
As maan saw them in his view he glared each on of them and got the same reaction from three of them. 
Baby..I Am really sorry..suno na..Aditya try his way only fume maan and karan hearing him.
Geet on the other hand nodded cutely hiding herself in his chest.
Look babes..we just couldn’t recognized you. Niks try and hearing this geet snap out her head from his chest and glared at her back.
Baby ..it’s first time na.you wearing this stuff.Aditya tried again with sweetest voice and geet pouted turning her face away.
Geet but you are looking more beautiful in this saree.karan finally said out what she wanted to heard from long time.
And it did. .as she finally broke into bright smile showing her dimple that made all three of others amused..
Maan glared at him not liking the way he was staring at her.he continue to hold her in his arms. 
Sachhi ..she chirp again wiping her tears with saree of hers that made all of them chuckle and she pouted yet again hiding herself in his arms..his heart fill with bliss with her closeness .
You stay away from her..Maan shoot angry glares at both of the boys dare to warned him..THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA .
I can say the same..or should I say..i  can warned you two.. his voice was husky dangerous but that didn’t affect anyone of them.
Look Bodyguard. .you Stay in your limits.she is innocent and she is my jaan.I will not bear that if you hire her in anyway. .Aditya came closed to him dangerously in a very messy mood of him.
His whole burn to hear his words. How dare he ? He was going to reply him back in his own way but there conversation come to halt hearing her chirpy voice.
Hey guys..are you making one team against me now ? She came running stand closed to Aditya much to others dismay.
No baby..we all are in same team leaving your bodyguard aside. aditya hold her waist with his hands glaring at Maan. 
Hey don’t do this Adi. .he is with me always so obviously he is going to be in my team only..
Hai na Bodyguard ji..geet commented and laugh out loud making the atmosphere light with her musical laughter..
All three boys were lost in her that Niks shook her.
Its your Indian theme today..you have to be first  one there. Now aren’t you getting late ..she taunted and geet just remember her Photoshoot is going to start in just 10 minutes and she is late..
Oh teri. .Maan..lets move fast..she just started to drag him towards her car where as Aditya shouted from behind. 
Baby..I will come to pick you..
No need baby..I will be with  my bodyguard  ..she shouted back making him confused as her sudden behaviour. 
While maan smirk on them turning back slightly as he followed her.
Maan was just blown away by her beauty as she continued to poss for her Photoshoot. .she was doing it with her own style and elegance that left him awe..she gad that magic that was holding maan Singh Khurana ..she was coming out with different sarees..and all her looks were just flawless. .
Geet herself enjoyed a lot.as it’s not that tough to carry herself in here sarees which were coated with modern looks as it’s needed for Photoshoot. 
BODYGUARD! !.. she come out shouting loudly making him come out of his reverie .she seems to be so in her chirpy mood today.he felt happy on finding her happy.
You are wearing saree still..you are looking beautiful. .he compliment first time in his life .
Geet blush a bit 
Are you flirting with me..
Now where this come from?  No i can not flirt with you..I Am your bodyguard ..he reply in his attitude
Geet fume seeing his attitude ..no you can ..she marched to him very closed pointing her finger at him..he narrowed his eyes on her finger..
Let’s go fast..we have to buy something for birthday gift. .she turn around .
Ummm. .who’s it.? 
It’s my one of friend. .she reply dragging him outside. 
It’s not your 3 friends. .? 
Uff maan..kitna sawal karte ho ? My curious Bodyguard. .hurry up..
You are always in hurry..
Its been an hour now both are finding a proper gift for her friend but geet was always refusing on what he was selecting..he was so frustrated on sticking here with her but he can’t even leave her here alone in the middle of all danger. Today its one more day for a danger us so close lingering around..his men had told him before hand that’s why he was not going to leave her out but she hadn’t have listen to him and seating inside home.Maya was also coming back in 2 more days ..this suspicious lady is one more puzzle to solve .his thoughts come to halt by the constant ringing of her phone. He saw her so busy in finding her phone which was misplace in one of her bags..
She caught it in her hand feeling happy getting that but soon he certainly urn in confusion seeing an unknown number there..
Maan looked at her each expressions and something klik in his mind. .he at once barge towards her grabbing her hand which was holding her mobile..
Arghh. .Maan..what are you doing ? Leave me..Oh my phone..she started to wriggle in his hold to get back her phone which he was pulling from her.
Geet..leave that..it’s dangerous baby..pls give it to me..he try to snatch it from her small grip.people passing by looked at them weirdly. 
Maaann. .she scream out getting angry on him now.he at once snap her oh one out of her clutch and throw that aside .
Her eyes widen in shock to see its going to fall down ..she ran after it and maan try to stop her.
He just reach her in a time and..BANG. ..whole mall buzz up with the loud sound as mobile blast in that small area pushing both of them far away.
Arhhh. .Maaann. .she cried out falling in his arms while he fly away holding her in his arms protectively. 
Geet..Geet…Baby..he looked at her teary face..his expressions was horrified. .seeing her in this condition. .her dace was whole wet..eyes getting droopy her saree was going red in her blood ..and she was crying in great pain.
Maan…she hold onto him with her blood filled  hands..crying in pain.
Haa..baby. .I Am here..dont worry..nothing is going to happen to you..I Am here..you are strong..Aren’t you ? Maan cradle her in his arms feeling his eyes moisten seeing her in this condition. .
Maan..it’s paining. .she cried out before closing her eyes.
Geet..baby..open your eyes..Geettt ..
He take her in his arms rushed outside ..till then his men was already there  ..they opened tears car door for him..he was hell scare for her that just order them to take the car towards hospital fast..
Precap  : Will you be my Boyfriend?





  1. Haaye.. I’m in love with this ff…
    Part 21
    Geet’s friends not recognizing her in saree was really funny and geet’s reaction to it was hilarious.. Loved how geet hugged maan.. Liked possessive maan adi and karan… Though i like adi I don’t like him dictating maan to stay away from geet.. Liked how geet told that maan is in her team.. Bomb blast was scary
    Part 22
    Maan was soo worried for geet.. How dare karan to taunt maan.. But loved how geet stood by maan.. Loved how geet found solace in maan’s arms.. Loved the kiss.. Haaye I’m blushing 😊😊😊 geet asked maan to be her boyfriend 😮
    Part 23
    How rude maan deny geet handa.. He can kiss her but can’t be her boyfriend.. Is it fair? Get throwing water at maan for denying to be her boyfriend was childish and funny..
    Part 24
    Loved how servents made it special for geet for coming back home.. Loved how geet slept in maan’s room.. And he didn’t mind sleeping next to her.. But can’t be her boyfriend 😒
    Part 25
    Geet’s revenge for maan’s kiss was hilarious.. Wildcat.. I actually loved geet’s dress.. I really liked her soo much in that costume.. But maan doesn’t think soo.. Too bad.. He told her he would be her boyfriend to make her change dress and after that denied it.. How cruel.. Hope maan accepts to be her boyfriend soon..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wherever she go…alwz danger chasing her…this time it terrible…..maan found her so beautiful in saree’s…her moments with her friends…..awww…..they don’t recognized her…..poor geet baby

    Liked by 1 person

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