Geet look at his piercing gaze and diverted her eyes at once.it’s burning her whole and don’t know what’s more happening.
Please..you go inside the car..he requested her seeing there surroundings ..it’s all secluded not good for Geet Handa at least .
She huff in frustration at his behavior and got inside the car in grumpy mood.
He fixed or acted so and came inside fast not wanted to made her late for her work.already he had disappointed her enough.
But to his dismay Geet ask further. .
You made it so fast..
He flinch at first but very soon
Composed himself  and answer her calmly.
It’s nothing..just short ..just has to check engine..That’s all..
She didn’t knowing anything of cars just nodded in agreement. 
Her phone buzz again after sometime and she pick it up..it was adi again on the other side.
Adi : did you reach there babe ? His worried voice pierce through her ears making her heart warm. 
It’s always like this..his care.he sometimes go overboard in this. It’s made her to forget her real pain and her all cravings ..that she had to worry nothing but just relay on him.
Babe..are you there. .he asked again making her came out of her thoughts. 
Ha..adi..Yes .I am  fine baby. Why are you worrying so much.in fact I am on the way near to studio.
You don’t worry.
She heard his relief sigh on the other hand.
She to sigh before asking him..
Dont you have any work today other than calling me again and again.she tease him further.
Nope..i dont..dad has came from abroad just today..so I am relaxing. But your worry didn’t leave my mind..he stated all truth .
Ok baba..i will called you later now..as I am descending from car now ..you relax yourself don’t worry about me.
I am Geet handa..can tackle any situations ..she giggles playfully closing door and takes steps further follow by her bodyguard who seems to be so much red in anger.
Maan just can’t believe again that boy called her and he just got frustrated on hearing that word again.
Damn..Maan Singh Khurana is loosing his control ..it’s not like him.he combed his hairs in frustration as leave big sigh and followed her calming his nerves.he weared goggles hiding them from the world.
As Geet step inside studio all eyes turn towards her and goes big on finding him.his tough persona,his uniform,or his suite that speaking out his aura.his handsome face that had goggles on them hiding his gorgeous eyes from everyone but he can see everyone’s gaze on himself.
Girls started to ogle him with open mouth as well as wide open eyes.
Everyone thought him as if some officer though he check his identity with security there.
Geet just couldn’t get why everyone is staring them or specially him.she felt frustrated at the way all bimbo girls were staring at him..
Oh God. .she stop in her track so as Maan behind her.
She turn furiously glaring him .
What..? He asked her casually wondering now what happened to her.
Are you gonna followed me inside ..becoming my headache? She asked him frustrated as just then she realized he had actually came inside studio as well behind her.
Yes..I am..he answer yet again being calm as before.
Youu. .she gritted her teeth and storm to security. 
Just throw that headache behind out of here..you got that.? She  pointed finger, glared furiously at them scaring the hell out of them.
Maan who had cam behind just too shock and look at her in fury. 
This girl is just  making him crazy.
No. .Mam. .He Is Your BODYGUARD . So It’s Our Duty As MAYA Mam ORDER US.


now it’s limits of her self control.
Arghh. ..she just scream her frustration out on her mom, she is making her life hell despite loving her. 
Security guards just closed there ears hearing her loud scream. 
Maan at once put his hand on her mouth from behind pulling her sideways before anyone can heard her more .
Amm…Amm..she try to scream in his hard hold that started to suffocated her.
You leave her..guards came rushing and he leaves her at instant.
You..how dare you..i will not leave you..
You..just get lost from my sight before I do something with you.I really don’t wanna do any scene here..nahi toh tumhe dikha deti what Geet Handa can do. 
You understand. .she pointed her finger at him narrowing her eyes.
Maan was just too frustrated on this mad girl making him crazy aswell.
Fine..do what you as you wished. I will not come inside now.he huffed frustrated on her behavior now. 
What..what did you said..come again..
She cant believe what she heard..her hippo bodyguard will not followed her now.
I am not coming inside.her state even gritting his teeth. 
Ok..no need for that also..I don’t need you..jada kuyn bhav kha rahe ho.saying so she rushed inside therefore guards just leave sigh of relief .


Hey babe..you are late .her make up dada came from behind seeing her stepping inside green room.
Just DON’T Asked DADA  (BRO)
Just Make It Fast . .I Will Come Changing. 
As Photo shoot started she pose for different poses making it more alive with her aura.
It’s got over and she is just returning from behind forgetting all about her Bodyguard ,
she was in her own self that didn’t notice some group of boys coming towards her and they circle her.its secluded place behind studio that no one was around even securities .and it’s unknown to everyone.
She just come out to senses and look ahead to fumed in anger as she get there intentions.
She try to leave but one guy come close trying to hold her hand but she punch him hard on his face leaving all bewildered. Seeing there faces she smirk and try to rushed from there but they came again now getting hold of her from all sides.
Leave me..you…she scream furiously struggling in there grip but they just laugh at her condition and one boy came before her in intention to touch her face glaring her from top to bottom.
His gaze stuck on her bare legs., as she was wearing short dress.
But before he could one strong punch fell on his face,and he landed in backwards screaming high.
Geet just glance happily at her savior. her eyes turn wet on finding him at right time. 

Boys who were holding her started to fear on seeing there mate condition but act brave and started to drag her .
Leave her , ..his hard voice bang on everyone that all stop dead on there places. .
He came forwards and punch all of them leaving her from there clutches, he stared at her furiously.
Geet just couldn’t hold back ,just rushed towards him jumping in his arms. ..




  1. Oh my God oh my God 😮😮😮😮😮.. That was my reaction for the last scene.. Is it really happening or a dream I wonder.. Anyway I loved it a lotttttttttt.. Geet was soo rude to maan in part 11.. I felt bad for maan.. Bt he still came to rescue.. So sweet of him… Geet is soo childish and cute sometimes and rude sometimes.. But i love geet a lotttttttttt.. Maan’s anger on niks is soo funny.. Geet and niks scenes were funny.. Maya and geet’s part was emotional.. Good she took care of geet leaving her office when geet needed that.. Geet’s love for her mother is soo emotional… And geet and maan’s equation is very confusing.. Loved all the updates

    Liked by 1 person

      1. By the way..you can get index on top of the page only..you can get there links of all parts.go to fanfiction..then Bodyguard…you will find index..only few parts are PWD protected..for they are really matured .😉


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