Part 62

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Geet couldn’t believe just that he agreed so easily. She didn’t understood how show would feel sad or happy. Sad that her marriage is going to broke soon , whatever that might be she had saw so many dreams for her marriage which was broken brutally, she couldn’t yet get to the thought that how suddenly now everything is going to be fine with her life . Or is it really ?? She couldn’t believe now.
Her hazel eyes question him silently , she remembered about his fiance. Why did he brought her here, when he doesn’t want to married her and claims to loved her.
Her hands stroll down from his cheek , down on his neck ,she clutch his collar.
Maan who was busy removing her jewelries , once done he looked at her face to see her again drowning back in that same pool from which he was trying to pulled her out.


He cupped her nape and pulled her face closer, kya baat hai.. itna Kyun pareshan ho Rahi ho. He whisper on her face sending chills down in her spine.
Your engagement happened??
She asked in crack voice trying to pulled away on the verge of breaking down now.
He didn’t let go of her instead he pulled her more closer taking her wet lips in his own. He bite her lips in frustration , for seeing her always sad. He couldn’t saw her like that. He want to see that beautiful dimple smile on her face that makes his heart light.
Ahh..she moan in his mouth leaving a soft cry .


He licked her lips at instant soothing her pain , sorry..he whisper softly licking her lips.
Geet pushed him angrily, for she herself was so frustrated with her so called life. If it was not for her baby, she would have die long back with this  mental trauma.
She was holding herself together , but He knew it well or the people around her knows how to break her down or make her vulnerable.
Bas sorry se sab kuch wapas aa jaeya..?? She blasted glaring him furiously. Kya woh din wapas aa jaeyenge jo humne aapke bina guzare aapke liye pal pal marte hue..


Maan was dumbfounded with her confession yet again.
Guilt started to arise in him again for doing that.
Geet turn her face from him feeling so defeated. Her palm touched her belly , feeling her unborn child.
How she wished in her heart that time to told him first the happy news of there baby coming. However she was mad at him or herself but her heart crave for his presence beside her to hold her in his arms to share the happiness that both are going to be parents soon.
Her eyes well up, I am sorry baby…she murmured softly which Maan as always listen only half of her words.
I am sorry, sweetheart. I know sorry is not the word you needed at this moment . Maan came closer from her back caging her in his arms. Geet made a futile attempt to come out but he hold her firmly.
Our engagement didn’t happened Sweetheart !! I am only yours . He whispered in her ears and trail down few wet kisses on her bare neck.
Geet, her heart beat fasten with his confession. She looked at his eyes turning her face at his side.
Yes, Sweetheart , nothing happened as you are thinking. I clearly decline to Dadima and come here to you.because only you are the woman I love with my life. I realized it that you are the only girl of my dreams and my reality.
He cup her cheek giving wet kiss on her other one. As he wiped her tears,


Geet closed her eyes hearing his sweet confession. Her heart felt at light hearing him ,
It is Dadima who tag her along with me as she is not ready to listen to me.
Hearing this Geet opened her eyes, confused , nervous or little scared now hearing him.
You don’t have to worry for anything, I am only yours just like you are only mine. He jerk her closer holding her both shoulders.
Geet blushed seeing his passionate gaze.
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She lower her eyelashes not bearing the intensity in his chocolate eyes.
Maan pushed her back softly on the bed , she willingly lay down looking at him.
Maan pulled out her saree from her body leaving her in her short blouse & skirt. .
Geet blushed furiously with her arms cross on her half bare chest. She lower her eyes .
Maan adore her antics, he kissed her pink cheeks making it more red. He left a soft chuckle on her still staying on her cheek making her shiver in his arms .
Geet clutch his arm tightly which was on her bare waist wrapping her in his arms.
His lips rolled down on her neck line leaving soft kisses there. Geet squirm under him, just what she wished all this days in her pregnancy, his love. she hold his nape and pulled him more closer almost crushing his lips on her soft neck.

Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

He groan sniffing her scent mix with jasmine . He left open her hairs making them fall on the bed , he looked at the serene beauty in front of him .
Geet had her eyes closed with ecstasy, anxious for his next move, her lips quiver in anticipation, while her chest was heaving up & down with her rag breaths.
He found it more sexy and beautiful, he buried his face in her soft curls,jasmine flowers spread across there body making the atmosphere more sensuous with its scent.
Maan.. she moan desperately feeling his hands cupping her br**** on her blouse. He rips apart that cloth making her gasp , she snap opened her eyes his move, before could she do or think more he was all over her licking her bare skin. She hold him tight in her arms while he pulled out her *** from her chest .
He got up and in a swift move took out his shirt joining her half bare body.
Geet blushed furiously hiding herself in her saree.


Maan smirk naughtily at her as he closed all lights leaving small lamp on at side table.
Geet..he whispered huskily crawling down on her he pulled out the blanket from her body furiously , she pulled it again on her body trying to hide it from his devil eyes.
Sweetheart . He called out to her with his husky voice seeing her behavior today.
Geet smile softly shying along with her stubbornness.
She was lost for a while when he pulled apart the blanket leaving her bare, she instantly hide herself with her arms .
Maan clutch her wrist tightly pulling apart from his view . He clasp them tightly on the bed with his both hands .
Geet shut her eyes tightly, feeling herself bare in front of him. It’s been long now, he was seeing her like this.
Maan was mesmerized yet again with her beauty that was shinning in the golden light of lamp.
He caressed his fingers softly on her chest making her shudder with his touch. She slowly opened her eyes , feeling his hold loosen on her on hand while other was touching her femininity.
Geet gulp down , seeing his gaze , she turn her eyes away , closed it softly feeling the moment.
He left her hands and started to lick on her both globes feeling it getting tighter with his act.


Geet wrap her arms on his back pulling him more closer ,she felt something in her tummy. And at instant her eyes snap opened.

His hands went on her tummy feeling it,


Maan stopped for a moment feeling something different . He shrug off his thoughts taking her full mount in his mouth , cherishing it.

When suddenly she pushed him apart , feeling his Body pressure on her stomach.
Geet..?? He was shocked with her sudden push looked at her confused.
Geet was fluster , she wrap herself quickly in the blanket trying to feel her baby with her hand .
She looked at his questioning gaze and lower her lashes instantly, not knowing how to face him now.
She couldn’t hold the strength right at that moment to reveal him about the pregnancy. She was confused, how to do that , will he be angry on her for hiding that big thing that too it’s his own.
Will he believes her ?? The question buzz in her head along with his words that night before his departure. His accusations, or her disability for not being his dream girl.
What happened ? Are you not feeling well, sweetheart ? He asked worried seeing her tear stricken face. As he went near her cupping her face, he wiped her tears.
Geet once looked at him with her wet eyes, and put her head on his shoulder not knowing what to do and how. She was not in her right senses now, she concluded closing her hazel eyes, for a while wanted to forget everything and just drown in her own little world.
Geet dozes off in no time as soon as she kept her head on his bare shoulder. He was holding her tightly in his arms ,


He looked at her innocent face, she was not in a peaceful sleep , as there were still worried lines on her forehead.
What is it , that is bothering her so much or what is she still hiding from me ?
He thought combing back her curls with his fingers, leaving soft kiss in her forehead , she snuggle closer in his arms holding him tightly.
His hands went inside the blanket, as he lay down on his back on the bed taking her sleeping form in his arms.
As his hands touch her at side b***** , he heard her soft moans , he gulp hard Controlling his all urges to take her that instant.
He pulled her closer softly holding her bare waist. His hands went upward on her bare back , he felt her side bulge, he couldn’t stop himself from pressing it slightly , earning a soft moans from her, he looked at her face, she was in deep.sleep but still could feel his touch.
He smile with satisfaction and closed his eyes wrapping her bare body in his own protecting her from all evil.
Geet woke up suddenly feeling thirsty , she wore her saree hurriedly and glancing once at his side got down from the bed to fetch some water, as there was empty jug on the side table.
As she went into empty corridor, her heart started to beat fast with fear and restlessness as she saw there were no guards there. It’s strange she thought.
Somehow she reach at downstairs, that’s when felt someone tugging her from behind on her dupatta.
Her eyes widen in fear , she gulp hard, sweat beads appear on her forehead , she slowly turn around asking along,


Kaun hai ??
Turning around she faced the person and her eyes widen in shock ,she felt her heartbeats raising to new level of madness, her heart fill up with terror, anger, or what not ??

AAP yaha kya kar rahe hai, ? Woh bhi itni raat Gaye ? She somehow managed to utter those words, 

to be continued..Evil Smile

What must be going to happen ? Evil Smile

And who is that ?? Evil Smile

Will Maan know about his baby?Shocked

Will Geet tell him ever ?? Wacko

??????? D'oh

Next will be surely gonna holi festival..

I know it’s been now week or two .holi was gone..but can’t help it..held up Tongue

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  1. Superb & awesome my dearie:):):) I am happy to see Geet blasting Maan…getting all her hurt and pain out of herself…And am glad that he also told her the truth…and confessed his love for her:):):0 Finally!!! Now its the question of letting him know that he is going to be a father. She is having difficulty revealing the truth…Come on Geet…pls trust your love for one another and let him know…

    OMG…who is that? Who is behind Geet? Oh god….don’t let any of the evil morons try to do any wrong with Geet na…pls pls pls….


    1. contact me through india forums,, my userid is Mg13 there . if you cant then contact me through mail.. for pwds you must leave your likes and comments on previous on every chapters ,


      1. Thanks for the reply.
        Would contact you on IF.
        My user ID is brishtyp.And again I would like to convey that I’m so much interested to read all the fictions.Reading is my favourite hobby and that too about MAANEET !!😍


      2. OH THANK YOU ..


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