Geet had somehow managed to took permission from her mother with the help of her best friend adi.Maya placed her own condition before she agreed to her stubborn daughter’s demands. She asked her to took her Bodyguard with her or else she couldn’t go alone.

Geet fumed just with the mention of his name but she couldn’t do much apart from agreeing to her mother. She just waiting for the chance to flied out , once she will , she will teach him lesson . Geet smirk boarding the flight to UK with adi beside her . Maan , his eyes burn in jealousy seeing them together but he couldn’t do much now at that point.

Aditya’s dad as well sent some security behind for his only son’s safety for he couldn’t took risk when Maya’s only daughter is with him.


Once after landing she was welcomed by her friends warmly , there was one more surprises waiting for her and that was niks.

Geet scream at top of her voice seeing her there, taking all attention.all her friends knew her well still they have to shut there ears.

Mad girl..Maan murmured from behind .

Who is this handsome ?? Her other friend asked eyeing Maan top to bottom .Maan didn’t liked her gaze but stood still like a rock.

Geet was fuming listening her but she control her rage faking her small smile.


No one, my BODYGUARD . Mumma has sent him behind me.

Maan was hurt with her words, no one. Is that what she have to said now after all there moments.


Only BODYGUARD or something else..her friend wink at her making Geet nervous now , adi didn’t like the way conversation was going . He looked at Maan but saw him still standing with no emotions with glasses on.

Leave it guys..let’s go.it is already late and all rushed to her friends home.


Her friends had thought to enjoy outside instead at own home, so they had flied out far from home, parents couldn’t bound them when from their childhood they couldn’t do it.

it was next day , they had book the resort at beach side. The scenario was wonderful, Geet felt refresh in the air there. She inhaled sharply spreading her arms when felt his strong arms lifting her from behind and he twirl her around , she laugh loud making him smile as well.

A wind blew passed her, and she felt herself all alone standing in the portico, he was not there but standing far away from her reach. Her heart pain , her hazel eyes stared at his face continuously .

Maan looked at her sad face and something break inside him. She was sad because of him.he thought ruefully and took steps towards her to reach her but she just ran inside leaving him baffled.


It was next day , all decided to go to a beach. He stood outside waiting for her when he felt soft breeze blowing pass him.

images (1)

He looked up to the direction where he felt her presence , his heartbeat stop for a moment seeing her laughing face.


Mere khayalon ki malika

Mere khayalon ki malika

The queen of my thoughts

She walked out with her friends along side, she was walking ahead in the middle of her group while all her friends listening to her with great concentration .


Chaaron taraf teri chhaiyan re

Thaam le aake baiyan

Chaaron taraf teri chhaiyan re, chhaiyan

Your shadows are there in every direction

Come and hold my hand

Your shadows are there in every direction

He wished she could once saw him, one gaze, as if listening to his heart , she walked towards him .

His heart danced in joy but next moment he could heard his own heart breaking apart as she just zoomed passed him.

As Geet came out, her hazel eyes started there work on its own to search him, and she saw his sight, at instant her heart stop beating. It was him ? She narrowed her eyes to get a clear view of her Bodyguard who was not in his usual three pieces cloths but wearing something else. Something more fancy, something more colorful summer cloths,  but why ?

She clinch her fist with the thought that now all girls going to drool on her Bodyguard now. She hated that thought, even more now when he is no more hers, when he was hers by the way , he was and is only Her BODYGUARD nothing more or else.


she will find someone better than him and she will show him , who is real Geet Handa is. But her heart pain with the thought. It will only to show him but for her no one can take place of him in her broken heart. She wouldn’t able to.she know.


Geet pouted with her all thoughts going on and saw him standing still waiting for her, not for her but his so called duty, she scoff herself getting hold on her restless heart. She tried to be normal, for she don’t want to show him now her weakness, soon enough she got lost in her own world with her group of friends. 

Maan saw their Car zooming out of the gates, he quickly move and got his own car out to followed her.


Hey looked the car, it is following us, her one friend shouted out taking others attention.

Niks watched behind pulling out her half body from the window.

She hooted making others curious.

Niks seat inside now, Adi tried to pulled her inside but she didn’t budge. Soon they heard her shouting loudly .

Hey Bodyguard !! What’s up . Following us, or especially your target !!

Geet who was driving the car, she press hard the accelerator  with her foot being mad , she was furious the way things are going on. She didn’t liked it , he is getting all attention, especially when she is upset with him, why her friend is talking with him when he is her biggest enemy now.

NIKS..WHY DO YOU LIKE TO ANNOY ME ALWAYS, she gritted her teeth furiously, while took one turn madly for now she was no more in her right senses.

Hey girl, are you going to kill us now. Her friends shouted, soon there was hustle in the car.

Adi pulled Nik inside furiously , while Rich the soon to be groom was also mad at girls now.

Hey stop it , just stop it now. He shouted.

Rich..relax yaar. Adi tried

Why are you so shouting , keep your voice low, will you.she fight with him.

Geet press the break hard making all stumble forwards on to each other madly.

So sorry guys, Plz don’t fight, it’s your wedding going to happen in few days. Saying so Geet got down from the car to get some fresh air , in front of her stood huge Sea welcoming her. 

Others got down as well shutting the door and soon all jump and scream running forwards towards the shore pulling Geet along with them.

Geet shouted , scream in happiness, excitement as both the guys hold her in air from both her shoulders and arms running ahead towards the shore.

Maan was hell scare seeing the car going zig zag way. He followed them and break hard behind her car.

Gosh this girl is so mad , I don’t know who did I fallen for her.

He shook his head smiling at his own thoughts, he got down as well only to be left mesmerize with the beauty standing in front of him.

Her curls were flying with soft air , her small frock which she was wearing fly along sticking to her body like a second skin.

Gorgeous - drashtidhami @dhamidrashti _heart_eyes__heart_eyes__heart__heart__heart__fire_

Soon his trance broke when he heard her shouting , his heart flutter to see her happy but it burn also seeing other guys touching his baby doll.

Maan followed behind with his casual looks , so no one can identify him as some Bodyguard or specifically hers, The Geet Handa’s.


Precap :- Fun , Romance, Jealousy, and lots more on the Beach .

Hope it has come out well , will try to be regular hence forth for regular readers of this FF.

Thanks a lot guys for waiting for this one. I know I am irregular with this but because of less response I get confuse also I want to keep this FF at one place on blog that I am not able to till now.

Forgive for all errors and mistakes, have write as per my little knowledge ,also it’s been month or more I updated this, so was having difficulty to wrote this one, I was even fearing to start this part.


  1. Superb update dearie. Isn’t it possible for Maan & Geet to talk their hearts out…to understand their feelings for one another, the obstacles faced by Maan…Geet’s recklessness will cause her so much danger yaar…And she is doing things out of her pain…Can Maan put aside his temper and anger…and talk things out with her during this trip?


  2. Awesome update. Maan is always jealous of adi and geet’s closeness. But will never accept his feelings. Stupid maan. I wonder y maan is angry when geet told him no one but her bodyguard. Truth hurts. Isn’t what he wanted. Geet is too possessive over maan. Felt bad for geet when she felt lonely. Loved it how she decided to give it back to maan by finding someone handsome. And also her taught on not be able to love someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

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