Part 62

Cake was placed on the table, Geet came around and was just going to sat on her own chair when he called her in stern voice.  

Geet , come here .Geet was confused , she walked near him , as soon as she was beside him, he pulled her on his lap , Geet was shocked as she landed in his arms , she hold his neck for support. Her lips rub on his own in that process. Geet blushed crimson red hiding her face in the crook of his neck. His hands went around her waist and he hold her closed. 

Shona barked taking there attention. 

Arey..Hume chodiye.. hume Shona Ko bhi cake khilana hai..

First feed me , Jaan !! He replied huskily really frustrated with her Shona chant. 

Ha..hum aapko bhi khilaeynge, first let me go , she pouted trying to removed his strong arms around her. 

He slowly let her go and Geet cut few pieces of the cake . She feed him first bite , he was not ready to leave her hand, he lick her each fingers lovingly teasing her senses, after he left her she gave few pieces in shona’s plate for him.

How is it ? She asked chirpily coming near him. 

Amazing Jaan. He pulled her again on his lap 

Sachi ?? She chirp in his arms.

He nodded in yes seeing her happy , her all tiredness was gone hearing him.after a while she realized that where she was seating and there position.she tried to get up feeling shy but he pulled her again that she bang on his chest.

Aise hi baitho !! He said with his strict tone that she lower eyelashes. 

Kya hua..don’t you like it ? He hold her chin and asked her seeing her behavior.

Nahi..Hume accha lagta hai.she blurted out innocently and blushed furiously seeing  his smirk.

Softy went towards his small bed , and slept off leaving his mom dad to romance.

Maan , took out one piece of cake and feed her lovingly , little bite of cake spread across her lips , she was just going to lick it when he stop her and took her full lips in his mouth . His tongue lick all her mouth hungrily , leaving her breathless, his hands which were on her waist travel down on her bare thigh ,making her hitch her breath feeling he said move. Her eyes turn droopy, as he slipped his hands inside her short dress reaching on her p****. Geet kissed him back pulling him closer. 

He left her mouth after a while finding her short of breath. He didn’t stop there, taking another bite from the cake, he offered her again, Geet innocently ate it relishing the taste when he again all if a sudden slam his lips on her making her shock now.

He lick the remnant from her mouth relishing her taste . Geet was on the verge of losing now. Once after the kiss she pouted cutely , Hume khana khana hai. Bhook lagi hai. He chuckled seeing her face and let her go for a while. 

Geet serve both of there plates, and this time before he could make a move or said something , she herself went near him and sat on his lap.He looked at her surprised, Hume waise khicha mat kijiye.aapne Hume bas Kah diya hota. 

Now he was dumbfounded with her words non the less he replied her back.

Bas isme woh maza nahi hai , which is in pulling you closer like this and he jerk her closed . Geet giggled with his words as  his hands tickle her waist.

tumblr_mzde00C3vv1sjask3o1_250 - Copy


Maan looked at the dish which was again his favorite Italian food. 


You don’t think anything other than me ? He asked her lovingly caressing her one cheek while he kissed her other cheek with all his love. His stubble prick her , giving goosebumps all over her body.

Geet blush giving him her full dimple smile she replied.

Hume nahi pata, par hum aur kuch nahi soch sakte , sivay aapke.., jab aap paas nahi hote toh..humesha aapke khayalon main khone ka man karta hai..she hugged him feeling shy, nervous, happy, all together with this feeling.

Maan was overwhelmed with her innocent love , he hugged her back tightly feeling the most lucky man in this world.


Both fed each other afterwards, in between his hands touch her here and there teasing her. He pushed up her dress baring her thighs completely , Geet was so shy, she closed her eyes tightly feeling shy for she couldn’t denied him.

Jaan..he called her with his husky voice that she opened her eyes slowly , he gestured her with his eyes to fed him next bite.

Geet was so nervous, her hands shiver while feeding him, he hold her hand smirking on her condition.

Hume aise mat ..sataiye..she whisper lost in his touch as he licked her fingers sensuously, while his hands caressed her bare thighs.

He tried to feed her but she was so lost in him that denied to took the morsel in her mouth . Feeling defeated he let her go and feed her remaining food.


After the dinner , Maan took her in his arms and ascended the stairs towards the room upstairs.


Geet was just watching his face closely , her hands were bound on his neck tightly.

He pushed opened the door with his feet and get inside locking the door behind shut. 

Geet jerk back from her lost state and found out they are now inside the room. He lay her down on the bed , and himself remove his cloths one by one making her red, she closed her eyes finding him standing just only in his pants.

He smirk and hover on to her , Geet slowly pulled apart her hands from her face and gasp seeing him so closed .

Jaan..he whisper huskily feelings his raw desires burning in his heart , from the time he saw her on the door he was keeping himself in control but not anymore. Thinking so he shower wet kisses on her whole face showing her his passionate love.

Mm ..she moan in his kisses feeling overwhelmed with his gesture. She hold him closer, there eyes met passionately, she couldn’t bear the intensity in his gaze that downcast her lashes, his hot breaths fall on her face making her quiver in his arms.there breaths mingle with each other, he put his lips softly on hers, knowing her next move and as he thought. , She started to kissed him madly chewing his lips as if some sweet candy. He enjoyed her authority on him and kissed her back furiously. His hands travel down on her thighs, caressing he soft skin. After a while he broke apart,and pulled out that mini cloth from her body furiously almost tearing it into pieces.

Geet gasp hiding herself with her hands. He pulled apart her hands from her body, Jaan plz. He whispered almost pleading her for he couldn’t hold himself today.

Geet couldn’t see him pleading , she pulled away her hands feeling shy , she turn her face at side closing her eyes. Maan adore her each gesture, and kissed her cheek lovingly , I love you Jaan. He whispered on her cheek rubbing his rough lips there, his stubble rub along giving her goosebumps, he shower her full neck with his wet kisses leaving her to quiver under him, as she moved her neck from one side to another feeling ripples of pleasure going through her body just with his little act.

He came down on her half open chest and bite her softly making her moan in pain and pleasure. He lick the area quickly to sooth her pain.

Maan then open her b** hooks and pulled out that cloth baring her full globes to his hungry eyes.

MAANN..she moan out feeling his hungry gaze, she was all wet now.

He took her one mount in his mouth , and suck it hard making her moan loudly with anticipation. His other hand mold the other one in his big palm. Geet closed her eyes feeling all new emotions waking up inside her yet again. She hold him closed, massaging his nape ,

He came down after his fist was done, he kissed her waist possessively, biting there leaving his marks on her body. He rolled down , kissed her thighs sucking the skin there . Geet was now moaning continuously . He roam his hands all over her body feeling her and finally he came to her core, Geet shiver feeling his hot breaths there. She jerk opened her closed eyes and blushed furiously seeing him kissing there.  He suck her c*** making her moan loudly.

After a while he pulled down her last cloth from her body leaving her completely naked. He stroke her softness with his fingers giving her sweet pleasure. Her throat was dried now, she Wriggle on the bed feeling his burning passion with her eyes half open now.

He pulled apart for a while , and took out his pants hurriedly with his last cloth.

Geet was no more in her senses now that she continued to gap at her bare husband shamelessly .he looked at her lost state and hover onto her.

He peck her forehead lovingly , taking her lips in his mouth for yet another kiss , he murmured in her mouth, tire ?? She didn’t replied just kisses him back softly closing her eyes. Her hands roam all over his bare back feeling him. He groan in the kiss, kissing her more passionately.

I am tired .but I want you ..she whispered back braking the kiss. He looked at her amused, she didn’t left a chance to amused him everyday with her each and every gesture.

He rub his nose with her lovingly , making her smile.he peck her smiling lips and entered inside her with a swift move.

Maan..Geet moan in his mouth , as she closed her eyes tight feeling the pain and pleasure together. He hold her tightly in his arms and loved her passionately , yet he was soft seeing her tired .

Geet engulf him into herself and let him love her , as that what she loved the most .

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